Monday 26 March 2018

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I have always considered myself to be a real winter lover who embraces the cold weather and dark evenings, but this year it feels like something has shifted inside of me and I am actually looking forward to spring and everything that comes with it.

I don't feel like this winter has been like any other I've known, what with the amount of snow and taking into account how long it seems to have dragged on for. I feel like my skin is actually craving sunshine at the moment! And on the first day of spring here in the UK we still had the remains of some snow on our grass which is a real testament to just how cold it has been.

Why do us Brits love to talk about the weather so much!? I think I also fall into that category of annoying person who longs for the sunshine to arrive and then as soon as it does I start complaining that I'm too hot and have hayfever every day (*Apologies in advance!).  

I've never before considered myself to be someone who struggles in the winter months but I know many people who do suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and I've always felt some relief that this doesn't really affect me. However, this year and as we move into Spring, I can't help but notice how much more positive and energetic I feel on the sunny days. Lately it seems to really have an impact on both my mood and my motivation levels. Does anyone else feel like this?  

I think my favourite thing about spring is the fact that it can be really sunny but not too hot. I really struggle in the summer and with any kind of intense heat so having this combination of sun but cool weather is perfect for me because I get all the positive feelings from the sun being out, without the irritability of hay fever or feeling over heated. I usually spend July - September feeling like a hot, horrible and miserable mess!  

Having dogs is also great because it's the perfect excuse for getting outside and enjoying lots of spring time walks. Having dogs definitely makes me notice the change seasons more and appreciate the beauty that comes with each season. A sunny dog walk feels so refreshing and enjoyable when we have been battling against the rain and cold for so long. To be able to walk the dogs and not have to bath them all when we get home also feels like a real treat after months of being covered in mud after every walk. Also the first walk when you don't need your massive winter coat feels like such a welcomed change too!  

One thing I'm really excited about this spring is getting the ball rolling with growing vegetables. It's something I thought about a lot last year and i've really wanted to try my hand at. It feels so good that i'm now at the stage where I have my VegTrug and all my vegetable seeds and I'm ready to go with it. I have even already sowed some seeds indoors and I'm seeing some positive growth which feels really rewarding. I think the first time we make a meal with our own home grown vegetables will feel so amazing!

Do any of you grow your own vegetables? If so I'd appreciate any tips you may have!  

It's also great to see my house plants getting more light on a daily basis. I have run into some trouble with a couple of my plants through the winter and as it's been my first winter with so many house plants it has  definitely been a real learning curve. It's also taught me what house plants I want to avoid buying again in future.

The lighter evenings have been making a real difference to my working days lately and I'm finding I'm getting much more done in a day. I usually find myself retreating off and slipping into my PJs as soon as it gets dark which means I don't end up making the best use of my time.

And, if like me you're a blogger or in the field of content creating, you'll too be sighing with relief that we can finally take decent photos on a daily basis again! There's nothing worse than having no natural light to work with when it comes to photography and making videos.

Easter weekend is always a favourite time of year for me as it just feels a bit like Christmas but without all the stress and pressure. It's a time when we usually enjoy some quality time with our families and of course over indulge in lots of chocolate! I also enjoy decorating my home with some minimal spring touches and it always feels hard not to go overboard with all the cute decorations I see in the shops. Embracing minimalism into my life has really taught me what to hold back on when it comes to shopping and I always try to keep at the forefront of my mind just how much I enjoy a tidy and clear home to live in.

Have you got any exciting plans for Easter weekend? 

One thing I am most looking forward to this spring is a trip back to one of my favourite places - Ibiza. We got married in Ibiza exactly five years ago this May so we thought it was the perfect time to go back to our wedding venue and enjoy a relaxing few days away in the sun. I always love to visit Ibiza in May and before the crazy rush of tourists arrive for the summer season. It's a time when all the bars and restaurants are starting to open up so nowhere feels super busy but the weather is still amazing. The last couple of holidays we have been on have been a bit non stop and active so I'm really looking forward to just relaxing and switching off on this break. And hopefully getting a sun tan again!

What do you love about this time of year? 


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  1. I so understand everything you're saying. On this year's first day of "spring," it was cloudy and rainy and cold and gray. I honestly am very ready for the sunshine and flowers, it just makes me happier!!


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