Friday 2 March 2018

Spring Home Touches | Interiors

With Spring fast approaching I have been really excited to change things up at home a little and inject some sunshine into my home. It was great after Christmas to go back to a completely blank canvas again but as the sun has been shining more recently it has really felt as though Spring is in the air and the time has come to brighten things up again. 

I think Daffodils are the easiest and most perfect way of bringing Spring inside and i've been finding myself picking up a couple of bunches every time i'm at the supermarket lately. They're so affordable and mine usually last just over a week, if not longer, so they always seem like a great investment. Their bright yellow vibrancy instantly cheers me and my home up and they make a great centre piece on my dining table. 

There is a lot of grey in my home and I think yellow and grey go so perfectly together and complement each other so well. 

I also absolutely love these bulb plants which you also may spot in the supermarket or garden centre. They're great because they make a beautiful indoor plant for you to enjoy and watch flower and then afterwards you can plant the bulbs in your garden or flower pot and enjoy for many seasons to come. 

Hyacinths are probably up there as one of my all time favourite flowers and, along with daffodils, they really just remind me of Spring. They're so pretty when they flower and their scent is so strong. My entire house has been filled with their vivid aroma recently and they really have brightened up the place. 

One thing that I really like to do as the seasons change is mix up my bedding. I tend to only buy white bed sets these days as they just go with everything and I actually find that white bed sheets are the most calming and sleep promoting. So instead of buying different bed sheets I simply just change up the throws and cushions. 

I had good look around online before deciding on some new throws and cushions but one place which always seems to come up trumps for me on price and design is George at Asda. As soon as I spotted this vibrant mustard and grey set I knew it was for me! 

I love the Geometric Reversible Throw because it has a bit of weight to it meaning that it's perfect for the in-between weather when you can't decide if you're too hot or cold in bed (*something i'm really struggling with at the moment!). The accompanying two pack of Fleece Throws was also a must for me as our pets like to sleep on our bed at lot and so the more throws the better! They're also a total bargain at only £6 for the two.  

I also picked up this gorgeous Pom-Pom Cushion which works perfectly with the throws and our grey fabric bed. I had been debating whether to go for a yellow or dusty pink theme with my bedding so the fact that this cushion has a pink pom-pom on it really sold it for me. 

I finished off the look with these two additional Yellow Quilted Mini Cushion's which really set this whole look off for me and added some extra comfort and depth to our bed. I really am so happy with how our bedroom looks at the moment and it's all thanks to this simple change up of bedding.  

I paid a little visit to one of my favourite shops recently Hobbycraft and picked up a few Easter themed decorations too. I didn't want to go overboard as I still love to keep my home feeling quite minimalist, but also cosy. I couldn't resist this Faux Grass Bunny which makes the perfect little table decoration and sits perfectly alongside some daffodils. 

I also picked up a few chicks because it really wouldn't be Easter without them! I again like to use these as table decorations but I also like to pop one or two into our niece and nephews Easter baskets that we make up for them. 

HomeSense is somewhere I have to limit my visits or else I am pretty sure my home would become cluttered with too many pretty things again quite quickly! However, I do always make a point of visiting when the seasons change as I think the seasonal products are definitely their forte. I quite liked the idea of having a small Easter wreath this Spring and I knew that Homesense would be the best place to get one.  

I picked up this small wreath for a bargain £6.99 and, although it's not really in keeping with the modern minimalistic style of my home, it has made a lovely addition to the back of my front door.  

If you follow me on social media and YouTube you will know that I am trying my hand at growing some vegetables this year and Spring is of course the time of year when it's time to get sowing those seeds. I invested in a VegTrug for myself as I thought it would be best to start off small before I start converting half of my garden into a vegetable patch! I'm really pleased with it and it looks lovely underneath the windowsill where i've positioned it. I won't be planting any seeds outside in it until after the last frost, which should be later on in March, but I'm so excited to get growing some vegetables and fingers crossed I won't do too badly at it. If you'd like to follow my vegetable growing experience be sure to keep an eye on this playlist and subscribe to my channel. 

So all in all my home is feeling very ready for Spring and I am in love with how everything looks. The bright colours are really cheering me up on a daily basis and i'm really looking forward to sunnier and warmer days ahead!



  1. Love all the yellow accents! And that bunny is so cute

  2. Some great picks here I also have a lot of grey and think yellow works a treat, plus I love me some daffodils 🌼

  3. all of these spring-y touches are so cute! i love the bits of yellow and that faux grass bunny. and good luck with growing your own things! xx

  4. I ADORE the little bunnies! There's no hobby craft near me at uni, sadly, but when i go back home i will definitely be paying a visit :) i absolutely love daffodils or any yellow flower this time of year and they're so much cheaper than other flowers too!

    Bumble and Be


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