Tuesday 17 January 2017

A Hug In A Box by BuddyBox

Back in December I predicted that January would be a time when I would need to practice a little more self care and I may be feeling a little flatter than usual. I knew that I would probably be suffering from a post Christmas come down and, after being so busy for so many weeks, things were due to slow down to a near halt.

I was of course correct. I have come to understand my own feelings and emotions quite well over the past few years and, as predicted, January has so far been a bit of a let down and quite deflating at times. I mentioned in a vlog last week that i've been feeling 5/10 which is an accurate score for my somewhat indifferent and low mood this month.

On the plus side I have been able to focus on getting back into a healthy routine and getting myself to the gym regularly. I've found the time to do all of the things that got slightly neglected in December which has helped me to feel better. I've also received some 'happy mail' in the form of a BuddyBox by The Blurt Foundation, aka 'a hug in a box'.  

If you didn't already know, The Blurt Foundation are an organisation who help to raise awareness and understanding around depression. I have followed them on Twitter for a couple of years now and I always find that they're content is very relevant and comforting. They're a great source of support if you happen to suffer from depression and i'd really recommend checking out their website and, if you have time, their blog and podcast.

They also offer the BuddyBox subscription service which is one of my all time favourite boxes to receive in the post. I love everything about this box but particularly the thinking behind it. More often than not we do forget to take care of ourselves and our wellbeing can ultimately pay the price. This box is like a gentle reminder to take care of yourself, relax and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. I've bought the box a couple of times now and it never fails to raise my spirits and give me that all important 'i've been cared for' feeling that it sets out to deliver.  

When I saw their January box advertised in December I instantly decided to order myself one as I knew that I could probably benefit from a little 'pick me up' in the New Year. As well as being a subscription box you can also purchase a one off box which happens to work better for me so I wasted no time in placing my order.

Last week my box arrived in the post and I thought I would share with you all what was inside! 

When I opened up the box and dived inside I was amazed to find a copy of The Little Book of Hygge! You may remember that I reviewed this book a little while back and I absolutely love it! But as I already have a copy this wasn't really something I needed but I could imagine anyone who doesn't own a copy being extremely happy about. It's the perfect little book to snuggle up with and it really helps to get you thinking about small ways in which you can make your life happier. 

* As I already have this book I have decided to give a copy away to one of my readers! To enter just comment below with your favourite acts of self care which help to alleviate low mood and I will pick a winner on Thursday 26th January 2017. 

I was really excited to find a Human + Kind Tropical Fresh Hand, Elbow & Foot Cream inside this BuddyBox. I've tried one of their creams in the past which I absolutely adored and this one smells just as good. They're also a completely cruelty free and vegan friendly brand! 
(*not all products within these boxes can promise to be CF & vegan)

Also inside the box was this cute mini self care tracker notepad which you can use to keep note of all positive acts of self care such as brushing your teeth, taking a bath, having a nap or reading a book. What a great idea! 

This 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger was also inside the box which is perfect for anyone who feels the need to switch off from the world for a little while without any disturbances. I like how this item highlights the fact that its ok to take time out for you away from all stresses and noise. Others around you should also respect this choice so it serves as a great reminder for them too. 

As if all of that wasn't enough already, I also received a packet of YuYo Rooibos Restore Organic teabags. Having a cup of tea is such a simple and easy act of self care as it usually prompts us to sit down and relax, even if it's just for 10 minutes. I don't really drink a lot of tea but when I do I always find it a really comforting and relaxing.  I'm looking forward to trying this new flavour! 

If you need a little pick me up or have a stressful time coming up I would really recommend ordering yourself one of these boxes as it really does help to cheer you up and remind you how to take care of yourself. It also makes the perfect gift for anyone you may know who is going through a difficult time.
Good luck with the competition! 


  1. I try to take myself for a walk with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and a big scarf on. It works better if it's in the countryside but it's a great way to have some thinking alone time.

  2. The mini self care tracker notepad sounds really handy! A hot bath or shower helps me feel better. Scrolling through Pinterest really helps aswell. :) X

  3. I wish I could afford this box every month, it's amazing! My favourite method of self-care is allowing myself to forget about everything for a night and have an early night.

  4. This box is so cute! I've just followed the blurt foundation on twitter as I hadn't heard of them before and I've been suffering with anxiety and depression for many years.
    Whenever I'm in a low mood I either have a hot bath with tons of bubbles or just put in my headphones and have a good colouring in session (both usually work wonders).
    Also, so glad I came across your blog, I love it xxx
    Kirsty | www.xoxokiki.co.uk

  5. This box looks amazing! I'd love to try that one out :-)

    ♥ Jasmin N | Little Things With Jassy

  6. I read inspirational quotes. There are lots of web sites that list them and even if you don't feel they help you at the time quite often they will come to mind when you really need some help.

  7. I've had my eye on this box for a long time. Maybe next payday.
    When I'm feeling down I listen to a 10 min guided mindfullness session. It really helps to completely clear your mind. Very good when I'm suffering from depression and finding it hard to switch off.

  8. That self-care tracker pad is adorable, I feel like I need one! My favourite ways to self-care include drinking water, playing Animal Crossing, wrapping myself up in my blanket and baking. ❤

  9. My favourite self care act is to light some candles in my room, take out my colouring book and colour the stress away. x

  10. This looks like such a lovely box! I love to run myself a bath with a lush bath bomb and pamper myself with a nice face mask!


  11. This would make an ideal present for someone who needs cheering up or who is feeling low, thank you so much for sharing it! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  12. I might have to treat myself to one of these boxes. I love to have a long soak in a hot bubble bath, put my pjs on then snuggle up on the sofa with a fluffy blanket and my cats. Bliss!

  13. What a great idea for a sub box, my sister is in her final year at uni and could deffo do with this.
    I love having a bath with my Lush bathbombs and lighting some candles, pure bliss! I'm trying to make it my new Sunday night ritual :)

  14. This is such a cute idea! When I'm feeling low I usually make myself go to the gym, come home and make a brew, run a bath and exfoliate/use a face + hair mask/moisturise and do my hair and make up. All small tasks but I feel SO productive afterwards, and like I've made an effort for myself.

    Bre xo

    1. Congratulations Bre! You've won the book! Please msg me your address so I can post it out to you :-) xx

  15. I love to relax in front of the log burner with a good book, a cup of chamomile tea and a bar of chocolate. Plus have a snuggle with the dogs


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