Monday 24 June 2019

Living With Chronic Back Pain

I can't really recall when back pain became a real issue for me but I have a feeling it was at a kettlebells class around six years ago. Something that started off as an irritating niggle in my lower back has stayed with me and it's now something I have to actively and regularly remedy with stretching and repeat visits to the chiropractor. Part of me wondered initially if this was just part and parcel of getting older and more aches and pains presenting themselves but the day my back locked and I couldn't move was a real indication that something more serious was wrong. 


Tuesday 11 June 2019

My Current Skincare Hero's

I don't know why but since hitting my mid 30's my skin has become more unpredictable than ever. Maybe it's hormones or the fact that I haven't had a baby, who knows! Some days it looks amazingly clear and bright and the next week it will feel like I am having a really bad breakout. I was so fortunate during my teenage years and my 20's to have near perfect skin and for that I will always be grateful. But if anything that always led me to believe that I would never suffer with any skin problems. How wrong was I!?!

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