Monday 5 March 2018

Dough Society | Vegan

Last week I paid a little visit to the Dough Society in East London after hearing so many good things about their famous vegan donuts. I hadn't actually planned to write a review about it but my experience was so good I just had to share with you all! 

The Dough Society specialise in 100% vegan handmade fried donuts and are in fact London's first all vegan coffee and donut shop. After seeing many photos of these donuts on Instagram I couldn't wait to get myself down there to enjoy one for myself! And choosing which one to try was a difficult choice when there were this many to pick from....

I ultimately couldn't resist the lure of the pink icing of 'The Homer' with it's pretty rainbow sprinkles and my husband chose one of their more traditional custard and jam ring donuts. And yes it was a combination with one side filled with custard and the other side with jam!   

It feels like an understatement to say these donuts are delicious and they are possibly by far the nicest vegan donuts I have ever tried. They're pretty substantial in size and just the most perfect consistency, not too heavy and not too light. The pink icing on mine was incredible and I haven't been able to stop thinking about these donuts ever since our visit! Now I know why everyone else keeps going back. 

They're so good we even decided to go in for a third to take home with us! 

Another reason our visit was so great is that the staff were just so friendly and nice, AND they allow dogs! Hoorah! We had Suki with us on the day we chose to visit and I was worried we'd have to perhaps enjoy our donuts outside or in the car but thankfully she was able to enjoy sitting inside with us which made such a nice change. 

I also have to comment on the coffee shop itself which is just an Instagrammers, plant lovers, minimalist dream! I loved the fact that the space is so large and not cramped like most small independent coffee shops. I also love how they've chosen to decorate the space with some beautiful plants - a cafe truly after my own heart! 

I think I can safely say that i'll be back to the Dough Society again and it will no doubt become a 'must visit' every time we're in the area. And for anyone interested it's also just around the corner from Palm Vaults which is another Instagrammers dream with lots of vegan options and plants a plenty. East London really is becoming a mecca for vegans! 

Have you tried a Dough Society donut yet!? 



  1. I loved the Dough Society doughnuts after first try - they are incredible! The place looks so cute and very Instagrammable. Glad you enjoyed it with Suki too! Plus Palm vaults is amazing.

  2. Oh my god, these looks AMAZING and the store is so cute! I need to get there ASAP.

    But how would I choose between Apple Strudel and Banana Bread?!


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