Friday 30 March 2018

Purezza London Opening | Vegan

This week the plant based pizza restaurant Purezza opened the doors to their new second restaurant in Camden Town London. When I first heard that this Brighton favourite was to open a second restaurant closer to my home I really was so happy and excited! And to receive an invite to their launch night was just a dream come true. 

Prior to this visit to the new London restaurant, it has been quite a while since I visited their original home in Brighton and so I was really looking forward to getting to try some of their amazing vegan Italian food again and seeing if there was anything new on the menu. 

My first impressions of the new restaurant were really good and the interior looks beautiful with a real down to earth mix of exposed brick walls, plants and natural wood cladding. It's cosy, warm and welcoming and definitely has more of a fancier feel to it than what I remember the Brighton restaurant to be like. It's also super close to Camden tube station making it convenient to travel to. 

Camden is certainly becoming more and more of a vegan hotspot recently and with other favourites like Mildred's, Cookies & Scream, What The Pitta and DouDou close by, you could really make a weekend of eating out there!

I couldn't wait to cast my eyes over the Purezza menu again and it almost felt mind boggling having so many different varieties of vegan pizza to choose from! I don't think I've ever deliberated over a food order for so long and it was tough making my mind up. 

For our starters we decided to go in for sharing a garlic bread which came with five different dipping sauces including pesto, BBQ, garlic mayo, hot sauce and red hummus style dip. This was the perfect start to the meal and really left me wanting more! I also loved the addition of the different sauces which also came in handy when we got our pizzas too as they made perfect dips for our crusts.    

Following on from a recommendation I finally decided to go for the Couch Potato pizza which is a combination of smoked 'mozzarella', fried aubergines, oven roasted potatoes, basil and seitan topped with garlic mayo. 

I can't honestly say I've ever had potatoes on a pizza before but it really does work! I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk ordering a non traditional white based pizza but I couldn't have been happier with my choice. The sourdough base was incredible and I just loved the combination of flavours on this pizza.  

I also couldn't resist going in for a side of their Mac 'n' Cheese which made a great accompaniment to the pizza, although perhaps I was a little optimistic thinking I could eat it all! 

I was lucky enough to be able to bring a plus one to this event and so invited along my husband Andy who is a real pizza lover. I also got to meet up with and sit alongside my two fellow vegan blogging friends Jess from Simply Living Vegan and Anjuli from Well Travelled Vegan. It was so nice to be at another event with these ladies, and my husband, and it was great to be able to experience so much more from the menu as we all ordered something different. 

I really didn't have much room left for dessert but there was no way I was leaving without being able to report back to you all on the dessert options! I decided to share the Chocolate Brownie with my husband and I'm so glad I picked this as it was just divine. I really recommend you to try it if you pay them a visit. It was so rich and chocolatey and just perfect for a chocoholic like myself! 

A real highlight of this meal was also the Oreo Pizza dessert which we all shared between us (* and it was definitely this that pushed me into a food coma!). I have never in my life before experienced a dessert pizza, let alone a chocolate Oreo one! I really wasn't sure what I would think as I'm not usually someone to mix my sweets with savouries but surprisingly it was actually really nice. I could only force down the smallest of pieces but I'm so glad I got to experience this! 

I'd like to thank Purezza for inviting me along to this launch event, for their generosity in food and allowing me to bring along Andy. It really was a fantastic night and everything I tried was so good! It's so exciting to witness the London and UK vegan scene grow at such a rapid rate and it's always lovely to see independent restaurants like this expand. Another vegan win! 

Have you been to Purezza before? What's your favourite Purezza pizza?  


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