Wednesday 24 July 2019

Tapas Revolution

This week I was invited along to Tapas Revolution to try out all of their new vegan friendly dishes. Having never been to this restaurant before, I was really looking forward to trying something new and with the weather in the UK reaching mediterranean highs it was the perfect time to enjoy some Spanish cuisine! 

Monday 8 July 2019

My Favourite Mental Health Podcasts

One thing i've really got into over the past year is podcasts. I never thought I would become a podcast kinda person but now I couldn't quite imagine my life without listening to a podcast every night when I go to bed. They've become a solid part of my evening routine and it's something I find myself looking forward to every day. I'm also certain they've helped me to go off to sleep better and stay asleep for longer.


Monday 1 July 2019

Two Nights In An Off Grid Cabin

For a long time now my husband and I have been really interested in off grid living. Slowly but surely he has started to add solar panels to our roof and he's even bought himself a mini wind turbine which helps to generate power for his shed. I've really got into growing my own vegetables over the past couple of years and often day dream about what a completely self sufficient lifestyle would be like. 
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