Thursday 30 November 2017

Festive Tea Picks

Christmas is a time of year when I really embrace seasonal teas and this year I feel as though I have gone all out to find some excellent tasting tea. If I am honest I have never been a big fan of the traditional herbal teas or some of the wild flavours that are out there, but, and in my opinion, festive teas are usually some of the best tasting teas around with the flavours often being liked by the majority of people rather than just the true tea enthusiasts.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you all some of my own personal festive tea favourites and the ones that I find myself reaching for the most. My favourite time of day to go in for a cup of festive tea is definitely in the evening and just before I go to bed as I find it quite a calming and ritualistic habit which helps me to wind down before I try to go to sleep. It's also a time of day when I feel most cosy at home. 

Bluebird Tea Co. 

The Bluebird Tea Co. is my all time favourite tea brand and shop and whenever I am in Brighton I always make a point of paying them a visit and picking up some new tea. I've never been hugely adventurous when it comes to different tea flavours but Bluebird make such divine sounding teas they're difficult to not want to try. I recently picked up a bag of their Mulled Cider Teabags which I'd never tried before but I just knew I would like. It was a bit of a risk but it definitely paid off as this is my current 'go-to' fave festive tea. It's not too sweet or sickly tasting like some festive drinks can be and so I find that I can drink more of it more often and as more of a regular cup of tea. Bluebird also sent me a couple of samples to try with this order including Snow Ball (not suitable for vegans), Gingerbread Chai and Christmas Cake. I love that Bluebird really embrace the seasons and offer such a wide variety of interesting tea flavours!


Last Christmas I made one of my favourite discoveries ever - Whittard's Mulled Wine Instant Tea. Anyone who followed me last year will no doubt remember my slight addiction to this stuff! I didn't even know what instant tea was until a Whittard sales person drew me in with a free taster sample in their store and from that moment on I was hooked. This is just the ultimate festive hot drink! It doesn't even really taste like tea to me, more of just a sweet festive hot drink. In any case it's amazing and I urge you all to give it a try asap! If you are however more of a tea traditionalist I'd recommend checking out their other festive Christmas Tea.

Heath & Heather 

I only recently discovered the Heath & Heather tea range and I was instantly drawn in by their Apple & Cinnamon flavour which I thought would be perfect for the festive season. Even though this isn't promoted as a festive tea it definitely contains the right flavours to make it a favourite at Christmas time. Apple and cinnamon just work so well together and help to create a really warming and uplifting tea which is just perfect for when you feel like you need a little pick me up during the colder months.

If none of these seem to float your boat then it may be worthwhile taking a look at Twinnings festive offerings, Fortnum & Mason's Christmas Spiced Tea and I'm pretty sure M&S do their own Christmas tea bags which I've sadly never tried but they look pretty good. 

Do you have a favourite festive tea recommendation? Or maybe I've already mentioned one of your favourites!? I'd love to hear and don't forget to let me know if you do get around to trying that infamous Mulled Wine instant tea! 

Happy sipping! 

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