Thursday 23 November 2017

The Diner

Last weekend I found myself in the West End of London for the evening and I was really in the mood for a burger so I decided to check out The Diner in Soho, just off Carnaby Street. I had heard through the powers of social media that they have some fairly impressive vegan options now so I was really looking forward to trying them out. The Diner also used to be a real favourite of mine back in the day when I ate meat so I was really looking forward to be able to make a return visit. 

When I was seated I requested the veggie / vegan menu but was advised that the separate menu is only available at a couple of other branches (* The Strand & Islington) but this menu still had some of the vegan options on it so I was happy enough. It would be good to see this as a separate menu at all of their restaurants soon though! 

I already knew I wanted a burger so my mind was pretty set on the 'Diner Vegan Burger' but it was good to see that there was also the choice of burrito and salad for vegans. The Strand and Islington branches also offer up a vegan mac & cheese and a southern fried seitan which sounds really interesting. 

It was good to see a decent selection of sides available too, with at least four options being vegan friendly. I decided to go in for some standard fries and onion rings to enjoy with my burger. 

I also noticed a vegan friendly 'Coconut Ripple' milkshake on the menu which sounds so great but it would have been way too much to have with all the food as well. 

This was one of those nights when you're just starving hungry and so when the platter of food arrived I was so happy that it all looked so delicious and the portion sizes were really decent. 

I was wondering if the burger would be like a mock meat style one or like a regular vegetable patty but to my surprise it was almost like a combination of the two. It did have a slightly meat like texture but there were also some vegetables visible in there too. Either way it was really tasty and made a really nice change. 

The burger itself comes with salad, pickles, guacamole and hot sauce. I have to say that I found this burger to be really spicy and it was the kind of heat that got hotter the more I ate of it! I didn't mind it but I think if I was to have it again I'd ask them to remove the hot sauce because I know I'd enjoy it more without it. But some people may love this extra spicy kick! 

As expected the fries and onion rings were as delicious as they looked and all in all it was a really great meal and experience. Despite the fact it was a Friday night and in the centre of London, I got seated pretty quickly and the food came out faster than I was expecting. 

It's so good to see a restaurant like this, who are famous for their meaty burgers and hot dogs, embrace the change in demands and offer up some really decent and inventive vegan options. If you have the choice I would perhaps suggest visiting the Strand or Islington branch for more choice and the separate menu, but if you're in the West End this is a really solid option for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. It's the kind of place that is perfect to visit to keep everyone in your group happy! 

Have you tried any of The Diner vegan options yet? What did you think? 



  1. I LOVE the vegan burger in The Diner, it's so tasty! The mac and cheese & the seitan pieces sound amazing too, so I think I have to get my butt to the Islington branch soon! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Those burgers look amazing! I can't believe how many vegan options there are at The Diner! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. I would never have thought of the Diner as having more than sides and salad options for vegans. The patty does look really good, I struggle with hot sauce sometimes, so like to add my own so that’s really handy to know. The onion rings look bloody tasty too!

    Interested in the seitan steak at the other branches though!


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