Wednesday 18 November 2015

Tibits London

I had planned this blog post to be full of lots of inviting photos of the wonderful restaurant Tibits in London, however, and as you can see, I only managed to take this one photo of my epic dinner plate. And why you may ask!? Well to be honest I was having so much of a good time that blogging took a back seat! Sometimes that happens and I think it's a good thing that it does. It was only once I returned home that I sighed that I wish I had taken more photographs but in all honesty it was pretty dark inside the restaurant and I don't think any photos could really do this place the justice it deserves. So for now you will have to rely on my words... 

My lovely vegan friend Hayley decided to hold her 30th birthday celebrations at Tibits last Saturday and when she first mentioned where she planned to go I was really excited as this is a restaurant that has been on my hit list for some time now. I really don't get to go to London as much as I would like anymore so it's become a challenge to fit in all the amazing places to eat. But what better excuse to hit the big smoke than for a birthday night out! 

I had already heard on the grapevine that Tibits is an amazing place to eat if you like your veggie and vegan food. I also knew that it's a buffet whereby the weight of your plate determines the cost of your food which got me even more curious. I do love a buffet, particularly when it's purely dedicated to satisfying the needs of people like me (You know, weird people who don't eat meat!). And as you can see from my photo, I didn't hold back when it came to loading up my plate with a bit of everything on offer. Well not quite everything as some of the options are vegetarian and I wanted to enjoy a plate of vegan only dishes. But this is a pretty good testament as to how many vegan options were on offer! 

So I guess you're all wondering how much a plate of this size cost me? I have to admit it was more than I expected when it weighed in at a whopping £17.90! But, and it is a big BUT, I enjoyed every mouthful along with the experience so I really didn't mind. 

You need to take into account that Tibits is situated in the heart of the West End of London just off of Regent Street so it's naturally going to be more expensive. It' also worth remembering that places like this aren't everywhere, unless of course you happen to live in Switzerland which is home to three Tibits already with a whopping further five planned to open in 2016. I know where i'll be holidaying next year! But seriously, the only place which I know to have more than one veggie/vegan buffet is Brighton and that's hardly around the corner for me. Tibits does offer something pretty unique and I guess if you want to enjoy the luxury of a vegan buffet then you're going to pay the price.  

Going back to the food itself, it was really delicious and there was a great selection of dishes with everything from salad, rice, potato wedges, pasta, vegetables, quinoa, curried chickpeas and even spring rolls! It was great to see that the number of vegan options were equal to, if not more so, than the veggie options. Everything was labelled really clearly too so we knew exactly what we were eating which is always a bonus. I understand the buffet changes on a daily basis so if you are fortunate enough to live close by you can expect to see something different on your visits. All I could think whilst we were there was that it would be dangerous if I did live closer as I am pretty sure I would be in there most lunch times.  

I really wish I had taken a photo of the dessert selection because this was equally as good. My husband and I enjoyed a beautiful vegan treacle pudding and sponge cake between us which came to  reasonable £7. After the main meal I didn't really have room for anything else but there was no way I was leaving without sampling the puddings!

It's also worth me mentioning that I think this restaurant does work particularly well for large groups. My friend had no issue in booking a table for 15 people and with everyone paying separately for their plates of food it does save all the hassle of splitting the bill at the end. It was all just easy and informal but with a great atmosphere for a special occasion. 

If you've never been before then I can't really recommend Tibits enough for a meal out. I do however recommend maybe not eating beforehand so you have plenty of room left to enjoy what's on offer. This is definitely a meal you want to be hungry for! 

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