Tuesday 17 November 2015

Dee's Veg Pots

The lovely people from Dee's recently got in touch with me and asked me to review their new range of quinoa and veg pots. Of course I was more than happy to oblige, particularly when I found out that these pots are purely vegetable based with no fake meat style ingredients included. I know Dee's have in the past been most renowned for their award winning vegan meat style sausages so I was curious to see what else their brand has to offer. 

When the pots arrived I was really pleasantly surprised. The packaging looked bright and contemporary making them quite eye catching. I would definitely be able to spot these in the supermarket! I was also impressed to see the handy sized microwaveable pots which in my opinion make them an ideal choice for your lunch break as they're so easy to heat up and eat from with minimal fuss.

With any vegan friendly product it's always great to see nice clear labelling on products and that's something Dee's have visibly achieved with these pots. Just from looking at the front of the packaging you can clearly see that these pots are not only vegan but also GMO and gluten free, free from any artificial additives, the calories in each pot and how long it takes to warm up. I love this because everything I need to know is right there for me to see without having to search the back for all the information.

Tex Mex Veg Pot

The Tex Mex Veg Pot is a delicious combination of a sweet potato and beans chilli. I love a veggie chilli especially during the winter months and this pot really reminded me of some wholesome home cooking opposed to food from a packet. The vegetables and beans tasted really fresh! You could even make more of a bigger meal from this pot by enjoying it with some rice or in a burrito. 

Thai Veg Pot

This veg pots's main ingredients are butternut squash, potato and lentils and it really is bursting full of flavours from Thailand. I really enjoyed the chunky potatoes in this pot which helped to make it a really substantial lunch which is exactly what you need during the colder months. I think this was my favourite pot from the bunch and next time I eat this I'd think about making it a dinner for two with some rice and Thai crackers. 

Moroccan Veg Pot

The main ingredients within the Moroccan Veg Pot are chickpeas and potatoes which is a combination that I really like. Don't be deceived though, this pot is also loaded with other fresh veg including tomatoes, courgettes and carrots. It also has some raisins in it which adds such a nice sweet contrast to the Moroccan spices. I enjoyed this pot on a really cold evening and it certainly done the job of warming me up! It reminded me of a really chunky vegetable soup but a much more substantial version. Unlike with soups though, this veg pot contains really hearty chunks of crunchy vegetables which makes it feel like more of a meal than a snack. This pot would also work great alongside some couscous. 

Quinoa Pot

This creamy Thai spiced vegetables and quinoa pot was a little different to the veg pots as it was of a thicker consistency making it that little bit more heartier and filling. Full of squash, carrots, onions, tomatoes, lentils and Thai spices this pot is really flavoursome. 

I'm so glad I got an opportunity to try these pots as they really are one of the best vegan friendly convenience foods I have come across. As well as being quick and easy they are also super healthy and you definitely feel as though you're getting some real nutritional goodness from eating them. Dee's message is that 'goodness is tasty' and I would have to agree. 

If you like what you've seen here then you can pick yourself up one of these Dee's pots for £3.90 at Booths Supermarkets (North East), Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic or online at Ocado. 

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