Thursday 19 November 2015

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box 5

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box arrives every quarter which means it's always a lovely surprise when it turns up as I do tend to forget when it's due! That is until I see lots of tweets flying around online about it. 

Here's a run down of what was included in this months box and my review of each item:

A totally new brand to me, Human+Kind believe that 'being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself'. A motto that I truly love and believe in! They have created a skincare range that is both natural and kind to your skin without any of the harmful petrochemicals. Personally I can never have enough hand cream so I was pleased to see this item included in this months beauty box. It's the perfect size to be able to carry it around with you in your handbag and the packaging is beautiful. When I tried the cream I was really impressed by how intensively moisturising it is without leaving your hands sticky afterwards. I also love the scent of this cream, it makes you want to keep smelling your hands. I'm already browsing their website deciding what to buy next as their range of products looks really great!

When I first started out on my cruelty free journey it initially didn't even occur to me to think about my make up brushes being made from animal hair but as time has gone on it has surprised me just how many brands do use animal hair within their brushes. I've been thinking for some time now that I would like a whole new set of vegan friendly make up brushes so I was pleasantly surprised to see this brush from Spectrum included in the box. I've seen the Spectrum brushes online before and i've been really drawn to the vibrancy of their brushes. It has to be said that i'm a bit of a sucker for anything pink and pretty so these brushes are perfect for me! The brush itself does feel like it's a good quality make too and at only £4.99 to buy I think it's really great value for money. 

Ok, so I have a confession to make.... The whole coconut oil as a 'miracle' beauty product thing has totally passed me by! I've literally heard so many people tell me that it's a wonderful product to use not only on your skin but also on your hair, in your cooking and even as a toothpaste. I think it's versatility may have initially made me cautious because I haven't really known where to start with it. So instead i've avoided it! Until now that is. I have to say I was happy to see this pot of coconut oil included in the box because it's going to be the kick up the bum I need to start using it in my life. I haven't dived into it yet but I am looking forward to experimenting with it over the coming weeks. I think this handy sized pot is also a great starting point for me as the super huge tubs have always put me off. But who knows I could get hooked and be ordering myself one of those soon! 

Another new brand to me, I had never heard of Emani before but it's great to know that they are a fully vegan cosmetics company. This is a big reason why I have loved subscribing to these beauty boxes because they have introduced me to new brands that I otherwise may have never come across. I've been using this lipshine all week and i'm pleased to report that it's a really nice long lasting gloss. The soulmate colour is also perfect for me as I quite like light neutral colours that go well over my lipstick without being too bold or bright. It also has a slight shimmer to it which I love as it adds another dimension to your lips. I've been really happy with this product but I think the only thing that would put me off purchasing it again is the price. At £11.00 + delivery it's well over double what I pay for my usual lip gloss from Elf Cosmetics.

I think this handy compact mirror is my favourite item from this beauty box! Not only is it a lovely hot pink colour but the cute bunny design with the 'vegan' message is just so cute. I'm not sure what  the compact itself is made from but it just feels so soft and smooth in your hand. I shall definitely be adding this to my handbag and it will no doubt get a lot of use whilst I am out and about. The mirror is a product from The Vegan Kind and will soon be available in their online shop.

I've used a few products from Green People in the past and I have always been impressed by their range. I hadn't however tried any of their hair care products and this shampoo arrived just at the right time as i've recently been running low. I'm always on the look out for new vegan friendly shampoo's and conditioners as I don't think i've yet found my holy grail cruelty free product for my hair. It was also great to see that the shampoo included in the box was specifically for coloured / damaged hair as my own hair has recently been coloured whilst I am trying to cover up some ombre bleaching from the summer. My hair has felt a bit dry and lacklustre lately so I was interested to see what this shampoo could do for me. I used it this morning to wash my hair and I have to say that i'm pretty impressed. My hair feels different today and in a good way. It feels like it has a bit more life in it whilst appearing more bouncy and thick. It also smells pretty good too! I think the only disappointing factor for me is that this is a trial sized bottle as I would have liked to use it for a longer time before coming to any real conclusions about it. I'd also like to try it alongside the conditioner to see how well they work together. But overall this seems like a great product and one i'd like to use again. 

I subscribe to this box myself and all views expressed within this review are my own. This will however be my final beauty box review for a while as I have postponed my subscription whilst I catch up on using things from my massive drawer full of products. No doubt I will get a serious case of FOMO when the next box gets delivered to everyone else, but for now it's the right decision for me. 

If you're considering signing up to this box then I really can't recommend it enough. It's a great way of being introduced to new brands and products and always proves to be excellent value for money. Plus what could be better than receiving a box full of goodies like this through your door every 3 months!? Go on, treat yourself  : )

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  1. Im really tempted to sign up to these, all the products sound really good. Plus its a great way of discovering brands you never heard before. Hope you enjoy all these treats.


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