Friday 27 October 2017

Cosy Candles For Autumn & Winter

Now we are in Autumn, and Winter is just around the corner, it's definitely time a time of year where I love being able to get cosy at home with the help of candles. At the moment I am lighting candles every evening when I sit down to watch TV and there's no denying that they really help me to feel relaxed and  cosy. When the evenings become more darker lighting a candle really is the perfect way to add some extra light and comfort to your room.

I've recently been looking to buy more candles as I seem to get through them pretty quickly during this time of year and so I thought it might be useful to put together a post featuring some of my favourites and some of the new ones I have been trying recently. 

As I try to lead a vegan lifestyle I always make sure that the candles I buy are made from soy or vegetable based wax opposed to beeswax. Soy wax candles aren't really hard to come by as they seem to be a preferred choice for candle makers these days due to them being a cleaner and more ethical wax.  Wax aside, it's also worth checking if the company you are buying from is cruelty free as remember vegan doesn't always mean it hasn't been tested on animals, it purely relates to the ingredients used in the product. 

Harpers Candles

It's no secret that I absolutely love Harpers Candles and I have been a long time fan of them ever since I first went vegan. They have so many gorgeous scents and their candles are the kind that you can really smell when they're alight which I love. I think it takes a really good quality scented candle which smells nice in both the packaging and when it's lit as so many I have tried in the past only seem to smell when first opened. 

I especially love and look forward to Harpers seasonal releases for Halloween and Christmas as this is the time of year when I really embrace candles. Recently I have been using their 'Never Mind The Pumpkin' candle which I have completely fallen in love with! I can't get enough of this candle's autumnal scent which is both spicy and sweet. If you're looking for the perfect candle for Halloween it has to be this one.

Kiss The Moon

I only discovered the Kiss The Moon brand recently on Instagram and instantly loved the look of their luxury aromatherapy scented candles. 

I decided to try out their Glow candle which is scented with orange and geranium essential oils. The Glow candle is designed to lift your spirit and restore your soul at bedtime so this is one I have been lighting in the evening and when I am getting ready to go to bed. The scent is really fresh and gorgeous and even though it is noticeable it's not too over powering to have beside you.

I've never really gone for a candle on my bedside table before but I'm now truly converted to this new relaxing routine before I go to sleep. 

The candle itself is gorgeous and comes in a high quality matte black glass jar. It also arrives in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon bow making it an excellent gift for someone, or just for yourself!

Vegan Bunny

Vegan Bunny offer a selection of different scented candles but one that really caught my eye was this Christmas Pudding candle which I thought would be perfect for December.

You can pick whether you want this candle in white or red glitter and I chose red because it felt a little more Christmassy than the other option. When I first opened and smelt the candle I was blown away by how amazing it smells! If there was a scent which optimised Christmas it would be this one. It contains orange, cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils and is just divine.

I am saving this one for December but I can already tell it's going to be an annual favourite for me!

The Little Cottage Candle Co.

I came across The Little Cottage Candle Co. on Etsy and instantly loved the look of their simple yet beautiful scented soy candles. Hand poured in Lincolnshire they're a small indie start up who offer a wide range of different scented candles and wax melts. 

As Halloween is just around the corner I had to go for the Pumpkin Spice candle as this is a scent I am just in love with at the moment and really can't get enough of. As I had anticipated this candle is pure joy in a jar! I am lighting it almost every night at the moment and it really does bring a lovely autumnal aroma into our home. 

I really am a fan of the simple minimal design of these candles and think they would also make an excellent gift for someone. I'm looking forward to trying out more of their different scented candles in the future!

You may have already heard of Dolma as they are a completely certified vegan and cruelty free company who offer a wide range of products including perfume, skincare and of course candles. 

I was sent their gorgeous Winter Warmer candle to try out which has the most amazing sweet and spicy scent that just sums up the festive season so well. I really can't get enough of this scent, it's like Christmas in a candle! 

These candles are really excellent quality and with a burn time of 30 hours they are bound to last you quite a while. The candle is also set within a weighty glass which again gives it a high quality feel.  


My passion for everything Scandi and Nordic is just getting greater by the day. These candles are just so stylish and they epitomise everything I love about Scandi design - simple, minimal and beautiful. This Autumn I treated myself to a large Fjord candle and a small Hygge one and they have quickly become a favourite for me. It's always a difficult balance of wanting to light and enjoy the candles but also not wanting them to run out because I know I'll miss them too much! They're such great quality and the frosted glass jars they come in are so beautiful and they create a really lovey glow in your home. Both of these scents are just gorgeous and they really do just encompass all the cosy vibes into your home. 

So I hope you have enjoyed this round up of some favourite vegan friendly candles of mine! If you are not already a candle lover I hope this has inspired you to add a touch of cosiness to your home over the coming months and to sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere a scented candle can create. I'd also love to hear what your own favourite scented candles are so do comment below and let us all know.

Until next time...
* Some of the products featured within this post were sent to me for review purposes. 
All views and opinions expressed are completely my own. 



  1. These are such gorgeous options. I haven't bought candles for years (they're not exactly a backpacking essential!) but I remember searching out soy candles on Etsy years ago and I'm happy they they seem easier to come by now.

  2. The Christmas pudding and pumpkin spice ones sound wonderful. I've got a serious craving for candles at the moment; I've not had one in ages. I want my flat to smell of Christmas pudding <3

  3. I love Harpers! Always have a few around the house, need to try vegan bunny just for the cute name!

    Tilly xx


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