Wednesday 21 December 2016

Why I Love Winter

Today is officially the first day of Winter and I don't know about you but I personally love Winter! I think Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year, but Winter is definitely a very close second. 

I know that for many people the darker evenings and colder weather can be depressing but it's a time of year that I genuinely look forward to and enjoy the most.

In my mind there are countless reasons to love this season but if you're someone who is perhaps looking to enjoy this time of year a bit more then maybe this post will help you to see all the good in Winter.


If you read my 'Little Book of Hygge' book review, or have read a Hygge book yourself, then you will know why this Danish lifestyle phenomenon makes me love Winter so much. I adore the cosiness that comes with this season and how everything just becomes that little bit more romantic. Snuggling up under warm fleecey blankets, lighting candles around your home, baking up some festive treats, sitting in front of the fire and enjoying more social time with loved ones.... the list just goes on and on! Hygge to me is that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside that you can't quite describe but it's a happiness that derives from enjoying cosy time.

My Birthday

The fact that my birthday falls at this time of year also means that December is a month I look forward to and generally always really enjoy. I love birthdays and I always make an effort to plan something special and memorable and this birthday just gone was one of my all time favourites! (And if you've watched any of my vlogmas you will know why!). I also wonder if the fact that I was born in December somehow makes me more at one with the world during these Winter months. I wonder if I was born in August if I would enjoy Summer more!? 


Another huge event that occurs during Winter is of course Christmas! Having a birthday and Christmas in the same  month does make December feel like a crazy whirlwind for me, but perhaps the fact that I am more busy than usual raises my spirits!? I also think that because of this both December and Winter feel more active socially and it's always a time of year to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while. 

A New Year

If you're not really into Christmas and festive activities then maybe the prospect of a new year beginning is something you enjoy and look forward to? I have to say that I am personally not a big fan of New Years Eve and all the hoo-ha that comes with it, but mentally I love the idea of a new year and a fresh start. 2016 has been a really good and happy year for me so I am by no means wishing it away, but I will welcome in a new year and enjoy setting some new goals for 2017. It's also a time when I reflect on my own personal development, what I am achieving and what I would like to do moving forward. January is a time when I like to sit down and plan out some travels and holidays for the year ahead and I like having a positive plan in my mind for how I would like the year to turn out as I believe it starts you off in the right direction.

The Cold 

Call me crazy but I much prefer to be cold than hot. Throughout the Summer I just feel like a sweaty hot mess most of the time so I really look forward to the colder months. A big part of the cold that I enjoy is being able to wrap up warm. I love to layer! It's the season for wooly hats, scarves and gloves and I love it all. It's a time of year where you can cover up and feel cute in what you're wearing. It's also a time when you don't have to wash your hair so much because you can get away with wearing hats or knitted headbands! When Winter arrives it's time to get out my brushed cotton bedsheets too which always make me feel so cosy and warm. I love to have lots of fleece blankets dotted around the living room and bedroom so when it comes to settling down for the evening we can all get underneath and keep warm. 


I haven't seen snow in the UK probably since around 2012/2013 which is far too long! Every Winter I really hope it snows because it just makes everywhere look so beautiful and magical. I also love to go for long walks in the snow with my husband and make a snowman. I bought my husband a sledge in December'13 and ever since it hasn't snowed at all - typical! We are both craving the white stuff! I never expect it to snow at Christmas, and i'm not sure if it ever has done in my life time, but I always imagine how amazing that must be. One year I hope to spend Christmas somewhere snowy like Finland, that would be a dream come true and it's a holiday we have always said we would do one year but we have never got around to it. Maybe 2017 is the year! 

The Sunsets

I'm not sure what it's like where you live but in Essex we get to see some really beautiful sunsets during the winter months. I always forget how amazing this time of year is for sunsets and every year it surprises me. 3pm is my favourite time to go out for a dog walk at the moment because every day is so different and more often than not we get to experience a beautiful sight of the surrounding countryside at sunset. 

Those Few Days Between Christmas & New Year 

There's no denying that Christmas can be a really stressful and expensive month. The closer we get to Christmas the more I find myself looking forward to those quiet few days before NYE. I think you all know the days I mean right? Suddenly you find yourself on your own with lots of time on your hands and the clock seems to slow right down. It's the time when you get to have a proper look at your presents and it's acceptable to spend all day in your PJ's. All that pressure and stress has dispersed and tiredness kicks in but it's ok because you can just nap all day. I feel for those who have to work over Christmas and I for one believe the shops should all stay closed on Boxing Day. Anyone who actually wants to go shopping after Christmas must be mad! 

It's Ok To Be An Introvert

If, like me, you are more of an introvert than an extrovert then Winter is a time of year to embrace, mainly because it suddenly becomes socially acceptable to stay in at home a lot! I think it's normal to feel really guilty during the Summer for not really wanting to go out and be active all the time. We tend to hold the belief that everyone around us is always outside enjoying themselves and that we should be doing the same. Therefore when you do choose to stay in it can end up feeling like a wasted day or like we're missing out on something.

Do you love Winter too?


  1. Oh Sarah, I felt such an affinity for this post! I'm a December baby too and Winter is a really special time for me. You are so right about those days between Christmas and New Year, the pressure is off and a cosy magic seems to hang in the air. I also adore the pink, purple sunsets against the white winter sky. Such a gorgeous post! Monica xx

  2. I love winter particularly for the sunsets. I live in Suffolk so were smilar in havng beautiful sunsets. I think the skies are just so wide and love seeing the colours changing.
    Kate xx


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