Tuesday 27 December 2016

My 2017 Planners

2016 has been the year where I branched into using more than one planner or diary. In the past I have tended to buy one new diary for the new year ahead and i've stuck with it until the following Christmas. I always look forward to buying a new diary and now I am questioning how I ever managed to maintain only using one when there is such a wide and beautiful array of planners available!
We haven't even entered 2017 and yet I already now own four different diaries for the new year. I have questioned whether this is slightly excessive and I have come to the conclusion that it is not. I've realised that after 3 or 4 months I generally become tired of the diary I am using and so it almost makes sense to mix things up and enjoy a fresh start every few months opposed to once a year. 

The only downfall to using multiple planners throughout the year is that you have to transfer all those important dates over to the new diary on more than one occasion, which can be tedious but I think it's a worthwhile job. Also, it is so often the case that plans change and rather than looking at a diary full of scribbles and tip-ex it's so much better to just start again. 

The Happiness Planner

Ever since I used the 100 Day Happiness Planner this year I knew that I really wanted the yearly version for 2017. As soon as they become available I went online and ordered mine as I really wanted to ensure that I had it before the start of the new year. 

This planner is perfect for me because it encompasses so many different aspects of day to day life and it keeps me on track for achieving those all important goals. It really gets you thinking about the different aspects of your life that make you happy and unhappy, whilst also encouraging you to think about where you would like to see yourself in the future. 

You can read my in depth review of this planner in the blog post I have linked above so I won't go into anymore detail here, but let me just say that I am so excited to start using this! I think out of all my 2017 planners, this is the one I shall be kicking off the new year with and I think I'll probably keep going back to it throughout the year too.

Pusheen 2017 Diary

Until I walked into John Lewis one day earlier this year and spotted this diary I had no idea that it even existed so this definitely wasn't a planned purchase. But lets just say that once I saw it I knew that it had to be mine! 

Like most cat lovers and crazy cat ladies out there, I am pretty obsessed with all things Pusheen. I've tried to limit the amount of Pusheen things I've bought this year but really I am starting to question why i'm trying to limit all the cuteness! I use my Pusheen mug all the time, it's my favourite. The Pusheen desk planner has also been such a great purchase of 2016 and I have loved using it. I can only imagine that this diary is going to bring me a lot of happiness and i'm really looking forward to when it gets its turn.

Ban.Do Lady Of Leisure Agenda

Now this planner was really unplanned (*no pun intended!). My fellow blogger gal pal Emily from The Bell Jar Blog ran a competition a little while back and to my complete and utter surprise I won! I was so over the moon because the goodies in this competition were amazing and included this beautiful planner. 

I actually had a Ban.Do agenda for the first part of 2016 and I really loved using it but I had resided myself that to the fact that I didn't want to spend out on another one, especially when I was so desperate for The Happiness Planner. So it was like the planner geek gods were listening to me because by the power of them this agenda is now in my 2017 collection! 

If you've never owned a Ban.Do Agenda before I really can't recommend them enough. They're so much fun and filled with all kinds of cute and girly stuff like stickers and challenges.

Ohh Deer Dark Palm Diary

There's quite a funny story behind this diary.... Last week I had a parcel arrive and it was a Papergang subscription box. I literally had no idea why it was delivered to me because I have no recollection of ordering it. Needless to say when I opened the box and saw the contents, which included this diary, I was more than happy! 

I really had no need for a 4th diary for 2017, and I certainly had no plans to buy another one, but I kind of love the moody and simple design of this one. It's also pretty lightweight which means it's perfect for taking around with me in my bag.

So there we have it! My complete collection of 2017 planners!  

Why does the feeling of a brand new planner just feel SO good!? It really is like a fresh start and a new beginning. Roll on 2017 so I can start to use these beauties!

What planner will you be using next year? 


  1. I love reading posts about planners! You've got such a cute collection & I'm glad to see the Ban.do has made an appearance.

  2. These all so pretty, I need to get my 2017 one. I can't live without a planner.


  3. So many cute planners you're gonna be super organised in 2017! I still need to find the perfect one i can carry around in my handbag


  4. Look into a personal planner or even a pocket planner! Some people use a pocket planner as a wallet too!

  5. That Pusheen planner is everything! <3

  6. I always try to stick to a journal or planner and it usually works for a few months. But I've decided this year to just use the calendar in my phone and my current university diary. I might try one of those desk planners though because they look soo nice and I guess I wont be wasting paper if I decide not to use it one week because it's not dated.

  7. Ooh these planners are all gorgeous! I wanna try a happiness planner, or the ban.do planner! I used a Passion Planner for all of 2016 and loved it :') I ordered one for 2017 and got one for my mam too. I used to only half use planners but passion planners have a layout I can get on board with! First time I've ever used one planner for the whole year! :D

    Amber Love Blog

  8. I love the happiness planner, need to get me one of those :)


  9. wow, you've certainly prepared for the this New Year; I have not purchased planners as yet; I did buy a small note book to jot things down; and I am trying to finish last year's notebook that I used to keep track of my activities with only few more pages remaining. One thing thought; when finished with notebooks or planners from previous years, do they not at times need to be retrieved to find a number or a reference...I find that I still need to have the previous year's notes around me. Perhaps, I am not as organized as I liked to be. Thanks for sharing.


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