Wednesday 7 December 2016

Festive Treats From Vegan Town

If you already follow my blog you should know by now that one of my favourite places to shop for treats is the Vegan Town website. They have such an amazing collection of vegan friendly chocolate and sweets, it's a one stop shop for anyone like me with a sweet tooth! 

Vegan Town recently got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try some luxury vegan chocolate from their Christmas range and of course I said yes! After all, when would anyone turn down some free chocolate!? 

Vegan Town sent me over a couple of products by Zotter and when my package arrived I couldn't wait to dive in and see what the chocolate was like! 


I really love that these chocolates come in nicely decorated gift packaging making them an ideal choice as a present for someone. The design is also really different to anything i've seen before and I could sense from the wording that this was a German or Austrian brand (Austrian in fact!).

The entire Zotter range of chocolate is all organic and fair trade and they have been rated one of the most sustainable companies in Austria.    

Luxury Chocolate Mini Bars 

These mini bars would make a perfect little stocking filler and I really loved the designs on them which gave me all the Christmas feels! 

The milk chocolate bar, made from rice milk, is decorated with coconut and chocolate moons and crispy green tea flakes. The white chocolate bar is decorated with cardamon and and chocolate stars along with some cinnamon apple chunks.

I was really surprised by how creamy this chocolate is and the little decorations give them a real taste of Christmas. I don't think i've ever tasted chocolate like it and it made a really nice change to the conventional vegan chocolate i've been used to.

Luxury Vegan Chocolate Star

This big chocolate star, which is almost like a combination of the two smaller bars, has some amazing flavours with added roasted hemp seeds, bright red goji berries and chocolate flakes. The design and taste is just gorgeous! 

If you haven't already checked out Vegan Town's online shop then I really recommend that you do! As well as these amazing Zotter chocolates there's a whole host of other vegan favourites including Vego, iChoc, Vivani and Booja Booja. 

Happy Munching! 
* Products featured in this post were gifted to me by Vegan Town. 
All views and opinions expressed within this post are completely my own. 


  1. These look sooooo good, especially the mini bars! (Although anything with a moon on I love!)

  2. Oh my goodness how delicious do these look! Xo

  3. These look so yummy and delicious! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. Oh my gosh these look so yummy, definitely checking these out for Christmas! - Tasha

  5. Omg these look amazing! I have to pick some up!!

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |


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