Tuesday 16 August 2016

Vegan YouTubers To Watch

I think I will always remember 2016 as being the year I decided to branch into YouTube. It's something that I had never planned to do or even thought about doing in the past. YouTube for me was only ever a platform whereby I could search for funny cat videos or watch random clips and it never used to play a part in my life.

Wind the clock forward to now and YouTube has become a big part of my life!

After getting hooked on watching other vloggers I slowly but surely got bitten by the bug and before I knew it I was sat in front of a camera filming my very own videos. It's all happened so quickly that even as I type this I feel like I am writing about someone else. I never in a million years thought i'd ever be brave enough to create YouTube content, yet here I am!

In this post I wanted to share with you all some vegan vloggers who I am subscribed to and who I think you all would like to get to know a little better. Who knows, you may already be watching their videos! Some of them I have only discovered very recently but I think all of them provide and create really useful and informed videos which will help anyone trying to lead a vegan lifestyle. 

I have to admit that i'd never heard of Niomi prior to watching Zoella & Alfie Deyes vlogs and I soon found out that she is also one of the names behind the Sourced Box which is a monthly healthy eating subscription box (which happens to be predominantly vegan). Curiosity soon got the better of me and I found myself watching more and more of Niomi's videos. I think she's a really likeable girl and I think it's great that she promotes plant based and cruelty free products to her 1.6 million subscribers.  

Cheap Lazy Vegan

I only recently subscribed this channel after so many people said it was one of their fave's and i'm so glad I discovered it! I pretty much sat and binge watched a whole load of Rose's videos one afternoon and found them to be so fun and interesting. I have at times been known to be a lazy vegan myself so her videos definitely appeal on that level to me. She also offers some really great tips on how to live an affordable vegan lifestyle and completely dispels the myth that a vegan diet is only for rich people. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's to come on this channel and I would love to do a video  collaboration with Rose one day. 

Tashina Combs

The Logical Harmony blog has always been my main point of reference for all things related to vegan and cruelty free beauty so there'll be no surprises when I tell you that Tashina's channel gained an instant subscribe for me when I first joined YouTube. When I first started to watch her videos it was so nice to see and hear the face behind the blog and that really appealed to me as one of her  regular readers. I have to admit that I don't tend to follow many international bloggers / YouTubers as I don't always find the content relevant to my life but when it comes to makeup and beauty products Tashina has everything covered.   

Hello Gemma / The Vegan Kitchen

I started following Gemma's blog and videos when I learned that she had made a transition over to being vegan and I found it really interesting watching someone else who had made the same kind of lifestyle changes as myself around the same time that I did. I really enjoy Gemma's 'What I Eat In A Day Videos' as they often give me new and fresh ideas of what I could be eating myself and she's pretty amazing in the kitchen. I think Gemma does a really great job of helping veganism appeal to the masses and she continually produces content that I want to engage with. 

That Vegan Couple

That Vegan Couple are a definite hit with me and I find their YouTube videos really interesting to watch. I love how they present the channel as a duo and I am especially a big fan of how they respond to topical vegan issues in the media in such a mature and informative way.  

Vegan Fitness TV

Ok so these two are basically just vegan body goals! They're so incredibly fit and healthy it makes me want to sort my lazy vegan self out. Although I cannot really relate them in terms of fitness at the moment I still find their videos interesting to watch because they're based in the UK and are sharing foods that are readily available for me to go and buy. I've been impressed by their budget friendly weekly shop videos and they've got me thinking differently about the foods I buy and how I can lead a healthier vegan lifestyle. 

Vegan Geezer

I came across Vegan Geezer's channel whilst randomly searching for vegan YouTubers one day and as soon as I watched this video 'Teens Hear The Truth' I was obsessed with his work! This guy is just so straight up with his content and his approach to veganism and I think it makes such a refreshing change to see a London 'geezer' like himself promoting a compassionate lifestyle to the world. He comes across as such a genuine and likeable bloke and I know that he would be someone I could imagine myself and Andy getting on really well with. Some of his videos are so touching and i'm genuinely excited to see what's to come on his channel. 

Kiera Rose

Kiera was one of the first vegan YouTubers I ever followed and I think I was initially drawn to her because I saw so many other vegans mentioning her on Twitter. I really like Kiera's channel because she offers a real mix of different lifestyle videos and everything from food, recipes, hauls, Q&A's and a glimpse into her personal life. Kiera seems super down to earth and her videos are so easy to watch. I recommend you go give her a watch if you haven't done already.

So this blog post wouldn't be complete without a little self promotion right!? If you haven't already checked out my YouTube channel then now is the time! I love to film vegan taste tests, shopping hauls, cruelty free favourites and more. I have so much inspiration right now to create videos so there will be lots more exciting things to come! It's also a great opportunity to get to know the face behind this blog a bit better. 

Are there any You Tubers you love to watch?

I'd love to hear some of your recommendations too! 


  1. A few of these I'd never seen before! Definitely off to have a look. My favourite is NaturallyStefanie - she's just so down to earth, funny and such a huge inspiration!

  2. I don't watch many (any) youtubers at the mo, but am gonna subscribe to you and some of these and start watching them! I feel like I need to be surrounded by more vegans. Too many people judging my choice to be vegan and making chicken nugget and other gross jokes that I don't even get... thank you so much for this post! <3

    Amber Love Blog


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