Thursday 11 August 2016

Skincere Skincare

Skincere is a brand I'd never heard of before I was sent some of their skincare products in the post recently. And this is one of the reasons I love being a blogger - I get to discover exciting new vegan and cruelty free brands like this which I can then share with all of you! 

So to give you all a bit of information about this brand first, Skincere products are 100% natural and contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives. Their products are aimed at those who may suffer from sensitive skin and intolerances such as soya, dairy, wheat and nuts. And they're also a great choice for anyone who would like to be more true to their skin by only using natural products. And of course they're completely cruelty free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Over the past few weeks I have been putting these products to the test and I thought it was about time I shared my findings with you. But before we get onto that can we just appreciate the pretty simplicity of the Skincere packaging? I think they have totally achieved a look which denotes natural beauty and the bright white bottles are certainly eye catching. 

As you may imagine from it's name, the Cream Cleanser has a really wonderful rich and creamy texture and it has been designed to be a gentle but effective daily cleanser. This cleanser has recently been awarded silver in the Free From Skin Care awards 2016 in the wash off face care category.   

I personally love cream cleansers so this product was a real hit with me. It can be used as a general cleanser or for removing makeup and I found that it worked well as both. It also has a light exfoliating texture which really helped my skin to feel clean, soft and brighter after using.  

The facial serum is designed to restore your skins radiance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This product has been clinically proven to improve skins firmness and elasticity within four weeks. It's perfect for anyone who feels that their skin may be uneven and dehydrated.

At the moment I don't use any serums in my skincare routine but I have in the past enjoyed using Superdrug's 2 in 1 moisturiser and serum. This facial serum is used after cleansing, but before moisturising, and it's intensely hydrating. I like the light consistency of this serum and how it felt applying it to my skin. It felt so nourishing and calming on my face. I can't really say if my wrinkles looked less wrinkly but my skin certainly felt firmer from using this serum.     

The Skincere Day Cream is packed with antioxidants and botanical extracts which help to nourish and soften your skin. This day cream is best used in the morning following your usual cleansing routine.

I really like how this day cream isn't greasy and after using it left my skin feeling really fresh and bright. I found that after using both the serum and the day cream my makeup applied really well to my face, probably due to all the new found hydration! The only downside to this day cream for me personally was the smell. I don't mind using non fragranced products at all and especially as it's better for your skin not to, however the 'natural' aroma of this cream wasn't exactly to my liking and would take some getting used to for any natural skincare converts like me.   

All in all I think Skincere skincare products are a really great option for anyone who likes to use completely natural cosmetics and anyone who may have sensitive skin or allergies. These are such great quality plant based products and I am sure they wouldn't disappoint even the most organic of shoppers. Even though I don't have particularly sensitive skin myself I can easily see how beneficial these products would be for anyone who does. 

Priced between £14 - £19, I would say that Skincere products are mid range when it comes to expenditure. As you will all probably know by now, I tend to opt for more drug store / budget friendly skincare products at the moment but I do think these prices are a very fair reflection of the quality of this range and they're absolutely perfect for anyone who is happy to pay a little more for their beauty regime.    

Have you tried anything from the Skincare range yet? 
* These products were sent to me for review purposes.
All views and opinions expressed within the blog are completely my own. 


  1. They sound like such an amazing brand, I really like the sound of the Facial Serum as well and it's so nice that they are 100% natural too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I love that Skincere have taken wheat, soya and nut intolerances into consideration, as well as being cruelty-free. The cleanser sounds right up my street and the packaging is gorgeous! xx


  3. all the products are very attractive, and the result shown in the picture are also impressive, i would recommend this to make it a routine for your skin care

  4. These look and sound great :) I love finding new vegan products to try too! Although whenever a company uses 100% natural or natural on their labels I am suspicious. Chemicals ARE natural lol, water is a chemical! And there's no guidelines to meet for a company to even label their products natural. So to me it screams marketing ploy, which I guess it obviously is. It just irks me every time I see it! I'm sure they're lovely products though :P

    Amber Love Blog

  5. If you happen to apply strong skincare products, your skin will dry and it will start forming wrinkles faster making you look older. Beach beauty tips


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