Thursday 25 August 2016

Akar Nutrient Boost Eye Serum

Akar is a totally new brand to me and one which I had never heard of before spotting them on a blogging community website. 

The word 'Akar' means 'white crystal' in Tibetan and it's a symbol of purity. Akar pride themselves on using natures best ingredients meaning that all of their products are completely pure and 100% organic. These natural ingredients enhance your skins ability to renew and repair itself whilst also being much kinder on yourself and the environment. The Akar brand is also completely cruelty free with the majority of their products also being vegan friendly.    

When my bottle of Nutrient Boost Eye Serum arrived I was really impressed by the overall presentation and the fact that the product comes in a little dark violet glass. There's not many beauty products I buy that come in glass containers and I think it does make a difference to the overall feel and quality. Akar use this glass for all of their products because plastic containers are notorious for leaking chemicals into products which diminish their potency. By using glass Akar avoid this meaning their products stay more fresh and potent for longer. 

The Nutrient Boost Eye Serum is designed to be used on the delicate under eye area and is formulated to specifically to reduce puffiness, dryness, dark circles and wrinkles. The serum contains goji seed oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, pumpkin oil, mushroom extract and lots of nutrient extracts which tighten and rejuvenate tired skin. 

My under eyes is always an area of my skin and face that I especially like to take care of. I am always worrying that I have dark circles under my eyes and as I approach my mid 30's I can't help but start to notice the fine lines in this area. This is also a part of my face which I notice will often appear dryer than the rest of my skin.

The oil based consistency of this product really appealed to me as from experience I have always found serums of this kind to be extremely moisturising and lovely to use on my skin. I also love the fact that this serum is so packed with a wealth of plant power and it never ceases to amaze me the effectiveness of simple ingredients that are gifted to us by the earth. 

I couldn't wait to start using this product and I instantly knew that it would fit into my bedtime skincare routine perfectly. Once I have cleansed my skin in the evening I then simply dab one drop of this serum onto my finger tip and gently pat around my under eye area. 

I have found this serum so calming to use at bedtime. Once applied it feels so soothing and moist on my skin. I was initially worried about the product perhaps leaving some residual oil behind on my face but in actual fact my skin absorbed the product pretty quickly. By the morning my under eye area has felt so incredibly soft and considerably more firmer. When I patted the area with my finger I was so surprised by how different it felt to me.    

This serum is unbelievably moisturising and it's amazing how so little can go so far. I can imagine this product lasting me a long time but as it is natural it does have an advised shelf life of one year. 

At $73.00 a bottle (approx £55.00) this eye serum is definitely at the high end of skincare I tend to use. It does seem like a lot of money for a small bottle but you will undoubtedly get a lot of use out of it and it will last up to a year. Shipping to the UK is $20.00 (approx £15.00) but Akar are currently offering free international shipping on all orders over $80.00.

Overall I have been so impressed by this product and I have been really looking forward to sharing it with you all. It's by far and without a doubt one of the best under eye products I have ever used! I often think there's a myth around natural products that they aren't as effective as others but over the past few months and since using more and more natural brands I have found this to be completely false.  

The Akar brand has a sense of luxury about it and it has felt like a real treat testing the serum out for this review. I'm so glad i've had the opportunity to try out one of their products! 

Have you heard of Akar before? 
* This product was sent to me for review purposes. 
All views expressed within this post are completely my own. 


  1. Wow that's expensive for such a tiny bottle! :( I always seem to have dark circles under my eyes and I've never found a product that actually does anything to help. Maybe if this was cheaper I'd buy it haha but I'd never spend that kind of money on an eye serum!

    Amber Love Blog

  2. I always insist that my serums be in glass bottles too- heard so many great things about this brand, I was happy to find this read! Great share & pics :)


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