Tuesday 2 August 2016

Faithful Friend Dog Shampoo

My dogs recently ran out of their usual shampoo and I felt it was about time that I tried the 'Faithful Friend' range from Faith in Nature. I have been a long time lover of the Faith in Nature brand and they were in fact one of the first vegan friendly brands I tried and loved when I initially started to make my transition over to a vegan lifestyle. They are indeed a brand I return to time and time again.  

If you didn't already know, Faith in Nature pride themselves on being Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society approved and, importantly, they use all natural and plant based ingredients in their products. 

As you all probably have gathered by now, my dogs mean the absolute world to me and are treated like royalty within our household. If a product is good enough for me then it's good enough for them! I would never want to use anything too heavily overloaded with chemicals on them which is why the Faithful Friend products appealed to me so much. Also, just like it's important to me to use cruelty free and vegan friendly products on myself it's also just as important when it comes to my pets. My love for my pets was after all a major factor in me deciding to go cruelty free in the first place and it would be completely wrong to use any products on them which have caused any kind of suffering to other animals.  

Within the Faithful Friend range you will find four different dog shampoos to choose from. Happy Dog with Chamomile,  Fresh Dog with coconut, Calm Dog with lavender and Dirty Dog with tea tree. All priced at £5.50 a bottle, I think these shampoos are really excellent value for money and significantly more affordable than some other big brand pet shampoos. 

I decided to order the Happy Dog & Calm Dog shampoos for my little pack to try out and when the bottles arrived my initial reaction was a very good one. Both of these shampoos have a really nice, but not too overpowering, fragrance to them. I also really like the packaging which is so vibrant and eye catching!   

When it came to bathing my dogs with these shampoos I was really pleased with how well the products performed. I decided to squirt a little shampoo in the bath tub and I was amazed by the amount of bubbles it created! Until this day my dogs had never really experienced a full on bubble bath before and I think they enjoyed it, although it's hard to tell when they're all pretty miserable about having to have a bath in the first place! 

To see my dogs first bath time with the Faithful Friend shampoo's please watch the short YouTube video I made to accompany this blog review...

My dogs smelt great for days following their bath and the shampoo was really effective at getting their grubby little paws looking like new again. Their coats looked and felt soft and silky afterwards which meant even more cuddles than usual for them! Despite the fact that they look unimpressed in the video i'm pretty sure they enjoyed their new bath time experience too. It's just the water they're not so keen on!  

These are definitely products I would buy again for my dogs and I would recommend to other dog owners too.  

What's your favourite ethical pet shampoo brand? 
Have you tried the Faithful Friend range yet? 
* This is not a sponsored post. These products were purchased by myself 
and all views and opinions expressed are completely my own. 



  1. Oh I really like the Faith In Nature products and I didn't know they did a doggy shampoo! That's awesome!

    Ah, dogs in the bath, too cute!

    ~ K


    1. Yep they sure do, great isn't it! Thanks for reading & commenting ;-) xx

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  6. When I run out of my rhubarb and custard Scruffy Mutts shampoo this will be the next I buy. My Chihuahuas hate bathtime but that's what you get when you roll in sheep poop haha.


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