Saturday 13 June 2015

You're So Vegan

I recently came across the You're So Vegan online shop via their Twitter account and I was instantly intrigued by their statement as being a 'one stop shop for vegan fashion'! I couldn't resist having a look around their website and checking out what was on offer. 

I have to say that I have never really been a high fashion kinda girl myself and I am more into high street and individual / handmade fashion than anything else. However, I was instantly impressed by this online companies commitment to 100% vegan, eco friendly and ethical fashion. 

From reading the 'about us' section of their website I could totally relate to how vegans aren't typically regarded as being fashionable or stylish and we are more so expected by others to be dressed like dowdy hippies! But just because we are vegan that doesn't mean that we don't take pride in our appearance or sense of fashion. 

Also reading about the YSV founder, Soraya, it's fantastic to hear how passionate she is about animals, compassion and kindness as for me those are the fundamental qualities of being vegan and my blog! I absolutely love her ambition and desire to inject some glamour into the vegan lifestyle. 

Matt & Nat are the only vegan fashion / leather brand that I have so far been aware of so all of the brands on this online shop were new to me. But as I said I am not hugely into high fashion so until now I haven't really gone out of my way to search for brands like the ones that are featured on this website. That being said, it's amazing to see so many brands who are committed to ethical fashion and having them all on a one stop shop certainly makes the vegan shopping process a little easier! 

This Melie Bianco Lilia bag caught my eye and seeing it was on sale I couldn't resist making a little purchase! I have actually been looking for a decent sized handbag for a while now so the timing was excellent. I placed my order and within a couple of days my bag had arrived and I am so happy with it!  

The quality of this faux leather bag is outstanding! To touch it really does feel like a top quality item. And again, just like with my recent Matt & Nat purchase - it's hard to believe that this isn't leather! 

When I opened the bag and saw the polka dot silky interior I was delighted as it really gives the bag a quirky little edge that I wasn't expecting! I also love all of the gold detailing on the bag. As a lot of my accessories tend to be gold I know that this will go perfectly with my other items. 

In my head I was expecting to have to save up for a little while for a decent handbag so I am super happy that I came across this awesome vegan online shop and found this fabulous bag! I really hope that You're So Vegan continues to grow in success and it's companies like these with such meaningful ethics who I am so keen to support. 

Sarah x


  1. That bag is gorgeous, and such a great price in the sale! Love the colour you've chosen. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

  2. What a gorgeous bag! I love the look of fake leather too, so always great to know more places I can buy some nice accessories :)

    Lovely Witches

    1. Thank you Lovely Witches, I do too! It's always so great to see the up and coming vegan leather brands out there and all of the cruelty free alternatives! X


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