Friday 5 June 2015

30 Things That Make Me Happy

I have been reading some lovely blogs recently which have really inspired me to venture into the land of posting some more personal and fun blog posts in order to hopefully help you lovely lot to get to know me a bit better!

I've decided to kick this off with this post which is quite straight forwardly 30 things that make me happy! They are things that make me smile and bring me comfort on a daily basis.

I for one am a victim of sometimes getting bogged down with the world and myself so I think it's really important to remind ourselves of the little things that do in fact make life good.

You only really have to take a look at my Instagram page to get an idea of everything that I love in life! But now its time to firm things up by making a solid list!

I would also really love everyone who reads this blog to take part in this exercise so that I can get to know you a bit better too! So please comment below if you happen to do your own '30 things' post and share with us what makes you happy :-)

My Husband

What can I say!? He makes me smile every day and cooks me up the most amazing vegan dinners! He's my best friend and every day i'm thankful to have found him.

My Pets

My babies! I love them so much. They bring so much happiness and laughter to our lives every day. Our home would not be complete without them! My love of my pets was also a big influence on going vegan as I believe that all animals are equal and you can't love one and eat another.

Eating Vegan Food

I absolutely love eating vegan and have never felt better for it! I love visiting new vegan restaurants and sampling different products. It's been a transition and in some areas I am still learning but i've never looked back!


I feel like I live to travel! I am always looking forward to the next holiday and trip abroad and am constantly thinking about or researching where to go next. I thought after 5 weeks travelling around Asia for our honeymoon that the bug would be gone but nope - it's very much still biting me! 


I love reading and find it so relaxing and I definitely class it as some decent 'me time'. I do however find it really hard to fit it in. I say I will read at bed time and then I get distracted by my phone or falling asleep! But when I do get into a good book I thoroughly enjoy it. 

Online Shopping

I shop a lot! It's probably one of my favourite past times and most expensive! I do so much of my shopping online now whether it be food shopping, Instagram shopping, Ebaying or Etsying - I am pretty addicted! I absolutely love coming home to post and the thrill of opening parcels and forgetting what i've ordered! 

Subscription Boxes

I'm currently up to 3 monthly subscription boxes! The Vegan Kind - lifestyle & beauty boxes and the Lucky Dip Club. Again it's exciting deliveries but to say these boxes make me happy is an understatement! I love the element of surprise with all 3 boxes and the feeling of being part of an exclusive club. They are my regular special treats to myself!


I love a good pamper session! Whether it be at a spa or at home, I think you can't beat it for the ultimate relaxing and feel good experience. I do try to set aside some time on Sunday's to 'sort myself out' and get me and my body feeling good again. 

A Hot Bath

I don't have many baths as I tend to shower on a daily basis but when I do I make the most of it! A bath for me is more for relaxing than cleaning. I love to indulge in a bath bomb or bath salts and really enjoy some time out away from everything else that's going on.


Blogging is my favourite hobby and I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from writing and taking photos. My blog is still relatively new but I love all of the new opportunities it has bought my way and it's so rewarding to see my following growing. The regular interactions that I have with other bloggers and online friends has been amazing this year and it's awesome to have such a great support network around me now!

Dog Walks

I've always thought that walking is so good for the body and the mind. I guarantee that I always feel 100% better for a good walk and having dogs gives me the perfect excuse to get out in the open more.


I am currently seriously addicted to Etsy! I find that I often come across something cool on Instagram and it almost always is linked to an Etsy shop. I am making so many purchases on the app its getting crazy! However, I genuinely feel like it's the best place to get completely original bits and pieces. It's my first go to choice for cards, gifts and presents to myself! 

My Work Space

After seeing so many 'desk inspo' shots on Instagram I decided enough was enough and I needed a proper area for my blogging and my ever growing collection of fancy accessories. It led me to create what I like to refer to as my 'Bloggers Paradise'! It's not quite finished yet but as you can see it's already quite pretty and when I am sat at this desk I feel completely content and inspired.

Animal Rights Activism

Obviously as a vegan I am really into my animal rights! Although I am not actively taking part in any real on the streets activism, I always make an effort to get behind any worthwhile causes and I can be quite vocal online about my beliefs. I generally like to spread the message around animal rights and get people thinking about different important issues. 


I bang on about Superdrug quite a lot but i'm going to say it again - they're the best for affordable and easily accessible vegan and cruelty free cosmetics and toiletries! Superdrug makes me happy! 

Colouring In Books

Despite my great efforts to practice mindfulness within my daily life I think it's fair to say that I have failed miserably. I find it so hard to stop my mind from thinking about 100 different things whatever I am doing but I have found that the adult colouring / art therapy books are a massive help. They are an extremely calming and enjoyable past time!

Visiting Animal Sanctuaries

I dont do Zoo's anymore, or anywhere that seeks to make profit from animals, so instead I love to spend time visiting animal sanctuaries and the places that are actually making a difference and doing some good for animals lives. Not only is it amazing to get so up close to some beautiful animals its also an awesome way of showing some support to these non profit organisations. 

Entering Competitions Online

This year I have had some amazing success at winning online competitions! In fact i've lost count of how many I have won! This hamper from Crutelty Free International is my biggest prize to date but it really spurred me on to take the time and effort to enter more competitions online and it's really paid off! I've had most success on Facebook and Instagram comps.

Vegan Baking

Every now and then I will get the urge to bake up some treats and when I do - I do it in style! I find baking to be a really relaxing and a great way to spend a day off. I also love offering non vegans some vegan cakes and shocking them with the revelation that they contain no dairy but still taste so good!!

My New Job

This month I have been fortunate enough to start working at Vegan Life magazine and I have to say that it's a bit of a dream come true! To work within your passions and interests is an amazing thing and it's awesome to now be a part of a publication that I absolutely love.

Time With Friends

I love my time with my friends and there's nothing better than a good old natter over some tea and cake!


I hear so many vegans complaining about chips being the only option when eating out and, although I can understand their point on this, I for one am always happy to see chippies on the menu! They are my all time favourite food!  

Peanut Butter

A close second to chips is peanut butter - I love it and I do feel like it literally brings me happiness out of the jar! 

Beach Huts

Beach huts are my latest obsession, especially colourful vintage ones like these! I love to photograph them and am so looking forward to spending the day in one in September.


I don't really do plants and am known for having them die on me! I'm also the kind of person who often feels a little put out when someone gives me flowers because it just means effort on my part! However, give me a cactus any day of the week.


Need I really have to say any more!?


Hello. My name is Sarah. I am a stationery addict. And I have a serious problem! 


I love smoothies because they make me feel so good! I'm not always the best at remembering to make them and drink them but when I do I feel so much better for it. 


Meditation has really helped me in the past with stress and anxiety. I haven't yet reached the stage where I can practice it alone but I do find that the guided meditations, particularly on the podcasts, are so amazingly helpful and really aid me in reaching that desired state of peacefulness. I do just need to work harder at factoring it into my daily routine. 


Last but definitely not least - chilling, or chillaxing as I like to say, is by far my most enjoyed time. I am never more content than when I am at home, snuggled up with my pets and my slanket, watching some good TV! This is my ultimate happy place. 

Sarah x


  1. This is such a good idea for a blog post! Injecting a bit of positivity into everyone's lives, thank you! :) xx

    1. Ahh thanks you Yasmina! Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you do one too - be sure to let me know if you do :-)

  2. I accept the challenge although mine are pretty similar to yours. Love this idea xx

    1. Hehe I have covered a lot of ground Sarah! Still would be lovely to read yours too :-)

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Loving today's post, mine are in no particular order
    1) Hubs
    2) Bella my bulldog
    3) Cleo my cat
    4) My family and friends
    5) Being vegan - my happiness level went through the roof when I embraced what I had been denying for too long, once I started eating an living cruelty free the release from guilt was enormous, and like you I still feel I'm learning in this area
    6) Meeting other vegans online and better still in real life
    7) Growing food - must be getting older but eating my own produce rocks
    8) Instagram - possibly a bit addicted!
    9) Pinterest - see above
    10) Cookery - love it in all it's forms, always happy in my kitchen, for me cookery is the closest thing to alchemy, taking some basic items adding heat or other processes and creating beautiful and tasty food. Art and science combined.
    11) Eating - both what I cook and finding vegan places, and dishes I aspire to create.
    12) Sharing food - same as you it's so cool to share vegan food and vegucate in the process
    13) Following and posting on blogs, I love to see what people are up to and interacting via this medium
    14) Sleeping always feels good, I am a big fan of the afternoon nap
    15) Podcasts - my faves are No meat athlete radio, Rich Roll and Ted Talks. These three always open my mind
    16) Markets and Vegan fairs - shopping but better in my opinion
    17) Swimming
    18) Cycling
    19) Running
    20) Combine the above an you have Tri-Athlon yay
    21) Getting a new personal best in any of the above, love to challenge myself and promote vegan athletes
    22) Skiing - if you have ever done this you will know why it's amazing
    23) Mountains - what's not to love beautiful, huge, climb up, ski or cycle down! Weeeeee!
    24) Massage - always good after 17-23 or anytime I find
    25) Holidays - obviously!
    26) Work - nurses rock!
    27) Lush - mostly vegan, cruelty free smells good, not prohibitively expensive
    28) Fruit - natures candy yum yum
    29) VeganLife magazine - working there sounds amazing this is a fave read of mine
    30) Really sharp kitchen knives - cos I just can't deal with blunt knives lol random I know! X

  4. Oh my god Lisa I can't believe I forgot sleeping!! Major fail on my part as I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping! Haha! And number 30 made me lol! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. This is a really heart warming post that made me smile! Still need to try your Biscoff cupcake recipe because they look delicious. I love alpacas and colouring books too - great taste. Gutted I can't make the #cfbloggers event and meet you x

  6. Ahhh thank you Emily! I have to say that i've had a pretty up and down couple of weeks so its nice to keep re-reading this post and reminding myself of what makes me happy and keeps me going. Would love to read your own list! Such a shame you can't make the CFBloggers event too :( We'll have to sort out another one soon! xxx


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