Friday 19 June 2015

Etsy Love

Those of you who know me in person or follow me on social media will already know that I have a slight addiction to online shopping and in particular Etsy shopping! To say I have an obsession right now may even be a slight understatement! 

I feel like I am constantly on the look out for cute, quirky, individual and handmade items to brighten up my home and my new blogging space. Instagram has played such an intergral role in helping me to discover these small businesses too and it has been so random how they just appear in my feed of photos and I instantly fall in love! I must be following people with some very cool tastes on there as it's only from photos that they have liked or commented on that I have even become aware of these small brands. 

Anyway, enough of my babbling on about how social media has been a life changer - I want to share with you some of my most recent and favourite Etsy purchases!

Pony People - I absolutely love this cute little kitty planter pot! You can't really see it in its full glory from this photo but if you check out their Instagram page you can see what they look like with mini plants in them. I am a sucker for pretty much anything cat related too so this was just a no brainer for me and it's already looking so pretty on my new desk. As with anything from Etsy I love the thought that goes into the packaging and the little free gifts that are often included like these amazing cat stickers! It makes receiving mail all the more exciting when you don't know what could be inside.

The Angel Shoppe - Stationery is my other major addiction in life so when you combine Etsy with people who sell quirky stationery I am there ready to go to the checkout! Angel Shoppe make the most adorable handmade paperclips and stickers. I couldn't resist this cute cupcake and donut combo!

I Like Cats - The I Like Cats Shop is one of my favourite Instagram finds! I adore the Brighton based designer / artist Toby Dean's creations and as a fellow cat owner I can really resonate with his love for cats! The simplicity, playfulness and vibrancy of his work has really brightened up my workspace and makes me smile on a daily basis. Oh dear, I can feel another purchase coming on! 

Frilly Pops - As soon as I saw Frilly Pops gorgeous pom pom creations I knew I had to have one of her colourful garlands in my home! It is one of my favourite decorative items within my new blogging space and also proves to be very popular with my cats! As well as garlands Frilly Pops also make some pretty cool jewellery and hair accessories too. Be sure to check out her Instagram page for some general colourful living inspo!

Oh Squirrel - I was feeling a bit downbeat the other day when I came across a photo of one of these motivational hangers and I knew I could do with something like this to remind me on a daily basis not to give up! Oh Squirrel make some really lovely vintage inspired stationery and gifts and I think it's great to support small UK based businesses like this.

SaoZen Plush - This super cute little Kawaii bear trinket box was my 1st Etsy purchase via Instagram and you only need to look at their Instagram page to get a glimpse of some of their truly amazing work! I literally want to buy it all!! I loved that my purchase arrived with a handmade thank you card,  3 mini star magnets and a sticker. I really do think that it was this initial purchase which has fuelled my love for Etsy and everything handmade. 

As well as all of this, Etsy is my go to place for cards and gifts now too. I just often feel so fed up with what the standard high street shops have to offer that I find myself continually returning to online shopping. Lately I tend to hunt out cool new things and gift ideas on the 'Not On The High Street' website and then I see if I can find it for cheaper on Etsy or Ebay, which I usually can! 

If you happen to follow me on Instagram and come across anything you think that I might like be sure to tag me in and let me know what you find!

Happy shopping! :-)

Sarah x


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