Monday 27 April 2015

Faith in Nature

I have been dying to try out some Faith in Nature products for some time now so I was beyond happy when their coconut hand wash was featured in this months Vegan Kind box. It also prompted me to purchase some of the other products from their range including their shampoo, conditioner and shower gel / foam bath. 

My mission in life lately has been to find the best Vegan & cruelty free beauty products. I think its relatively easy these days to find decent cruelty free products as I have found that most shops own brands tend to be cruelty free. However, to find one that is both Vegan and cruelty free isn't always as easy as Vegan products aren't always the best at being labelled so. 

If you're new to all this then you may be wondering what the difference is between Vegan and cruelty free products. Well, if its only cruelty free and leaping bunny approved it means that the product has not been tested on animals which is great! However, and depending on your stance on things, if the cruelty free product still contains some animal ingredients then I wouldn't personally consider it to be completely cruelty free. 

First and foremost I love how clearly labelled Faith in Nature products are as they feature both the Vegan and cruelty free stamps of approval on the front of their bottles. I am not sure if I have come across another company yet who has these symbols on the front of their products but I think its a great move by this company especially for all of us Vegan's who get a bit tired of always having to squint and search around on the back of products for what we're looking for. 

Secondly, and quite importantly, I think Faith in Nature's products are so reasonably priced. Ranging between £4.00 - £6.50 for their bottled products, they also really appeal on price. By following Faith in Nature on social media I am also aware that they frequently run great offers like 3 for 2 on all products which makes it even better! 

And last but not least, Faith in Nature believe in doing good for people, animals and the planet. They use all natural healing plant based ingredients, manufacture locally in the UK and they try to be as green and eco friendly as they can in everything they do. 

Personally I know that I would much rather be spending my money with Faith in Nature than contribute towards  any big unethical brands who harm animals and go against everything that I believe in.  It's not really a difficult choice to make! 

When it came to trying the products for myself and the blog I decided to spend a whole week immersing myself into Faith in Nature! So this meant washing my hair, cleaning my hands and taking a bath in their products every day. And what a joy this was! After having read so many positive reviews of their products online I was pleased to be having the same delightful experience as others. 

After using the shampoo and conditioner my hair felt clean, light and bouncy with volume which I loved. I even received comments on how good my hair smelt! The Faith in Nature foam bath was amazing at making my bath very bubbly and felt so soft on my skin. The hand wash felt really silky on my hands and left them feeling both cleansed and smooth. I absolutely love the coconut smell of all of these products!

So far I have only tried items from their coconut range and every time I use a product I feel like I am momentarily transported to a tropical holiday destination and it's really working at getting me in the mood for my upcoming holiday and Summer!     

I look forward to completing my Faith in Nature range of products and making more purchases soon.  It's also a lovely touch that they sell products for our furry friends too and I am keen to try out their dog shampoo on my boys.

I think I may have just found my favourite Vegan and cruelty free brand!

Sarah x


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  1. I love Faith In Nature products; they are so affordable and there are lots of ranges to choose from. I love the coconut range; my favourite products are their coconut hand wash and their coconut hand cream! I also think their coconut shampoo and conditioner are great for everyday use. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life


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