Thursday 13 December 2018

Why I'm Excited For Winter

Everyone should know by now that I am big fan of this time of year so there'll be no surprises that I'm excited for the official arrival of Winter next week (21st December). Give me Autumn and Winter over Spring and Summer any day of the year! Yep, I am one of those annoying people that actually doesn't mind the cold and dark days. 

The Possibility of Snow

Last year we were blessed with a few snow flurries in December and into the New Year. It was the first time that we'd seen proper snow in Essex for a good few years and it was so exciting! I'm kinda hoping for a repeat of that again this Winter. And I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas! 

Hibernation Time

Is there anything better than getting all cosy indoors and snuggled up when it's freezing cold outside!? I don't think so. I just love the lack of pressure to do anything that comes with Winter. If you want to stay home under a blanket it's totally acceptable! 

Slowing Down

As with the hibernating, Winter is a time when you can really allow yourself to slow down and take the pressure off. Once all of the festivities of Christmas and New Year are out of the way it's the perfect time of year to take a back step and just enjoy the calm.


I absolutely love dressing for Winter and layering up. I love the fact that a big chunky knit hat can cover up a bad hair day and keep you feeling warm all at the same time. I also have a coat that feels like stepping inside a duvet so I always look forward to it being cold enough to wear it. Cosy jumpers, oversized scarves and boots - what could be better!??  

Winter Getaways

We always love to travel to somewhere even colder than the UK during the Winter months and hunting the Northern Lights has become an all time favourite holiday of mine. This January we are off to Iceland and I'm already excited to go shopping for my thermals! 

A Home Refresh

Once all of the Christmas decorations come down I always use it as a little excuse for a home refresh and declutter session. I am definitely a big believer in that a clean and tidy home makes for a clearer and happier mind so it's important to me for the house to feel spick and span for the new year. 

A Fresh Start

I'm not the biggest fan of New Years Eve but I do like the prospect of a new year and an opportunity for a fresh start. Yes, in theory your fresh start could start tomorrow if you really wanted it to, but there's just something so significant and motivating about the beginning of a new year and the opportunity for change that comes with it. 

Do you love Winter? If so why!? 
I'd love to hear some of your own favourite things about this time of year!

Sarah x


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