Wednesday 5 December 2018

Dressing My Home For Christmas | Interiors

At the start of November when I tidied away all of my autumnal and Halloween decor my house felt so bare and I couldn't wait to start adding some little festive touches around the place. Over the past few weeks I've gradually started getting more and more of our decorations out and slowly but surely turning my home into a little winter wonderland!

First things first I had to stock up on some festive scented candles from my favourite shop HomeSense. They really do just have the best selection of candles and I find that the DW Home range in particular always smell really amazing and last a long time. This 'Pine' scented candle of theirs literally smells like Christmas trees!

A few weeks ago I visited the biggest M&S store and their Christmas section left me slightly out of breath! I pretty much wanted everything in sight and felt a bit overwhelmed by it all. I think there does feel this huge pressure to buy so much and make your home into a real Santa's Grotto but I had to hold back and also remind myself that I usually buy a few decorative Christmas bits every year so I know that by the time I get down all of my decorations from the loft I will have more than enough.

That being said I couldn't resist picking up myself some new decorations, whilst also trying to shop for others and cross things off my list. I spotted this sparkly little Fir Tree a couple of weeks ago and had been thinking about it ever since so I knew I had to go back for it. And as soon as I saw this little Reindeer I knew it had to be mine and would make the most perfect little winter scene along with the tree.

I've also really wanted a new door wreath this year and was immediately taken in by this frosty little number, also from M&S. One thing I adore about this wreath is that it also comes with some little fairy lights around which you can put on a timer. Having never had a wreath that lights up before, this got me pretty excited! It looks so pretty at night.

Over the past couple of years I have tried my hand at making my own wreaths which I think is always a really nice festive activity to get involved with in the lead up to Christmas. However, the real ones only ever last for that Christmas and then have be thrown on the composter! Anyway, I really love how this wreath looks against my door and I just adore how it comes to life at night time too.

I thought we would maybe wait until mid December to put our tree up this year but as soon as I started to see everyone else's going up on December 1st I couldn't wait any longer! This year we went to a beautiful Christmas Tree farm and picked ourselves a gorgeous Nordmann no drop. Hopefully it will last the distance until Christmas and won't start wilting like my Norman Spruce did last year. I am just in love with this tree and it really does feel like Christmas now it's up!

I am a total sucker for cute Christmas decorations and as soon as I saw these monogram ornaments in Anthropologie I knew I couldn't leave without them.  

I hope you've enjoyed this little look around my home this festive season! There's not long until the big day now and then all of this will get taken down and we'll be sprucing and having a big clean up ready for the new year. I absolutely love how everything looks at the moment but I know after Christmas I'll be itching to get the place back to normal.  

Do you celebrate Christmas?
Have you already started your decorating? 
When will you be putting your tree up!? 



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  1. The tree looks beaut, I love christmas so much- such a cosy time of year!

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