Wednesday 16 May 2018

bio-D Ethical Cleaning Products | Vegan & Cruelty Free | AD

As many of you will probably already know this week is National Vegetarian Week and I've been  really keen to produce lots of content around this campaign to help promote a more ethical and plant based lifestyle. I was so happy when the environmentally friendly cleaning brand bio-D got in touch to collaborate on a blog post and video this week to help to promote their vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly cleaning products. 

bio-D have also teamed up with vegan food writer Katy Beskow (aka Little Miss Meat Free) for their Eat. Clean. campaign where she has selected recipes with naturally derived ingredients used by the green cleaning company. Vegan author Aine Carlin is also on board with the campaign and has devised some of her own recipes too! The Eat. Clean. campaign aims to get people who love good food thinking more about the environmental impact everyday kitchen products such as washing up liquid and hand soap can have on the earth. 

Most of us are already aware of the huge issue of single use plastic which has been recently highlighted in the BBC series Blue Planet and has consequently made lots of headlines. Millions of tonnes of single use plastic waste are produced in the UK each year which takes hundreds of years to decompose, causing harm to both people and wildlife here and around the world. bio-D have now rolled out packaging made from 100% recycled UK post consumer waste which reuses plastic waste which would have otherwise ended up in landfill. They're aiming to use the material across their entire range by the end of 2018 which will really set them apart from other brands in terms of their own green credentials.

This proud-to-be independent company aims to make cleaning products that don't cost the earth, in more ways than one! Their products are vegan friendly and they're a member of The Vegan Society so all of their products come with the official vegan stamp of approval. They're also a completely cruelty free brand and a member of Cruelty Free International so the leaping bunny logo is also clearly visible on all of their packaging. Aside from that they're also a member of Sedex meaning that their products are all ethically sourced. bio-D are also registered with ISO14001which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. (EMS). Amazingly this is an environmental policy which less than 1% of UK companies meet. And as if all of that wasn't enough, they're also the only cleaning brand to conform with the highest grade food specification which is a requirement for professional kitchens.

bio-D currently make over 20 different eco friendly cleaning products and the range includes everything from hand wash, to laundry liquid and every day cleaning products like washing up liquid and toilet cleaner. 

They sent me a few of their products to try out for myself and I have to say that I have fallen in love with this brand and their products pretty quickly! Sometimes it can feel hard enough to find a cleaning product which is both cruelty free and vegan friendly in the supermarket so I just love how bio-D are ticking so many important boxes whilst also having a really positive impact on the environment too. 

I'm sometimes concerned when buying more natural cleaning products that they're not going to work as effectively as more chemical based products but I've been using these products over the past couple of weeks and I've really been impressed with their cleaning ability. They've all worked so well and their subtle scents are just gorgeous! I also can suffer with dry and sensitive skin, especially on my hands, and I've really noticed how much better they feel since using these products. The plant based ingredients make them so much more gentle on your skin.  

A major bug bare of mine is when you have to pay way over the odds for a more ethical cleaning product in the shops so I think it's really great that bio-D have managed to keep their prices affordable without compromising on their ethics. I also really like that they offer larger bulk sized products within their range which not only limits the amount of recycling you have to do, but also how often you have to shop! This also has a further positive impact on the environment as it means you're buying products less often. 

And for any of you who suffer with allergies you'll be pleased to hear that bio-D are a 100% hypoallergenic brand. Their fragranced laundry products are all Allergy UK certified and they've reported that many customers have fed back to them that they're the only products which don't exacerbate their symptoms. 

I feel so pleased to have been introduced to bio-D and I know they are all products I will be using again in future. I like to support independent brands and especially those based in the UK whose ethics are in line with my own. 

The issue of single use plastic especially is something which has been playing on my mind a lot lately and it's something I'd really like to do my part in helping in whatever ways I can. It can feel really difficult in trying to lead a completely ethical lifestyle, and it's certainly not about being perfect, but making small changes like with what products you choose to buy is a perfect place to start. 

You can watch my bio-D You Tube video here!

Have you tried any bio-D before? 

bio-D products can be purchased at selected independent 
health food stores, Oxfam stores and online.

* These products were sent to me for review purposes. 
All views & opinions expressed are completely my own. 


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