Friday 14 April 2017

Vegan Meals Delivered By All Plants

I recently got in touch with All Plants after seeing a flyer for their vegan ready meal delivery service in a Vegan Kind Box I received. I was immediately intrigued by the service that they offer and I was curious to try it out for myself. The idea of tasty handmade vegan meals turning up on my doorstep is an exciting one and, as someone who isn't that great in the kitchen, I was interested to find out how this could perhaps make our life a little easier.  

Fortunately for me All Plants were keen to send me over a couple of their dishes to try out for myself and before I knew it a big box had arrived at my door. I had wondered how they would post out frozen meals and in reality it's actually quite a simple and straight forward process.

When the box arrived it contained inside an eco friendly insulated bag packed with frozen gel packs and the meals. This packaging also works well at keeping the meals frozen until you open the box and for up to 36 hours so there's no worries in that department. All Plants also use DPD for their delivery service who were very efficient in texting me a one hour delivery slot so I knew the date and time to expect the parcel. They also give you the option to leave with a neighbour or change the delivery date to a more suitable time which is really handy. 

One of the first things I noticed about these meals was how appealing they are to look at! The packaging is just beautifully designed and like no other i've come across before. All Plants come across as a really contemporary and individual business which I personally find really attractive. I also love to support small businesses whose ethics are in line with my own. 

The other thing that struck me when first inspecting the meals was just how weighty they are. These meals are £9.50 each and it's definitely fair to say you get what you pay for. They're the perfect size to be split between two people (* or one very hungry person!) which works out at only £4.75 each per meal.

All Plants sent me over their Black Bean Chilli and the Super Spring Risotto, both of which looked and sounded very delicious and I really couldn't wait for the right moment to try them. I stored them both in the freezer as advised as whilst they are kept frozen they preserve all of their freshness and nutrients. By keeping these meals frozen All Plants can also avoid adding any nasty preservatives into the mix which keeps their dishes completely natural.  

We tend to cook a lot of meals from scratch at home, and when I say 'we' I mean my husband who is much more blessed with culinary skills than I am. I think we both welcomed the arrival of a couple of frozen meals as it definitely took some of the pressure off our time in the week. It was nice to know that we had these meals in the freezer if we couldn't be bothered to cook or if we were tight on time. 

The first dish we tried was the Spring Green Risotto and as we were super hungry we decided to microwave it instead of cooking it in the oven. This meant that it was ready to eat in only 12 minutes.

My husband sometimes makes his own created version of a vegan risotto which we both love and we wondered how this would compare. We also questioned how good a risotto ready meal could really be as making one from scratch isn't that easy and it can be difficult to get right. To say we were both surprised by the quality of this dish would be a real understatement. 

One of All Plants missions is to create plant based ready meals which are restaurant quality and one of the first things I thought when trying the risotto was that it was better quality than some restaurant risottos I have tried in the past. I really enjoyed the addition of hazelnuts into this meal as a good source of protein and it worked really well with all of the other ingredients. This was an incredibly delicious dish and we both couldn't get enough of it. There were absolutely no left overs that night!

One evening we got back from the gym really hungry and too tired to cook so it was the perfect opportunity to pop the other meal into the oven. The Black Bean Chilli is an oven cook only so it took about 38 minutes but this ensured that the amazing little coconut and flaxseed corn breads crisped up nicely. My husband wanted to add some rice to this dinner but we actually didn't need it as along with the corn breads it also contains big chunks of sweet potato meaning that it was really filling. 

This meal also didn't disappoint and we were really surprised by just how flavoursome it was. I was impressed that both meals we tried we loved and would definitely buy again. There's been so many times in the past where i've tried ready meals which just don't hit the spot at all. These meals by All Plants just don't compare! It's difficult to put into words just how tasty they were and I think you'd be best off trying for yourselves but they could definitely be described as restaurant quality, if not better. 

My husband and I are already browsing their menu to see what other dishes we'd like to try! To be honest they all sound amazing and like dinners we would really enjoy so it may prove a difficult choice knowing what to order next. I like that you can order a selection box that contains six different meals and subscribe so that the box turns up as often as you like. 

All in all we have been more than impressed with the service and the quality of what All Plants have created. I think this service is especially great for people who can't cook or those who lead really busy lifestyles and don't have the time to make nutritious dinners in the evening. I also think it would help those people who want to go vegan but who perhaps find it all a little overwhelming in the beginning. I've already recommended them to my Mum who struggles to get enough protein into her vegetarian diet and as she lives alone she never feels bothered to cook just for herself. These meals would be perfect for her! They're also great for people like us who could just benefit from having the option to not cook a couple of nights a week. 

You can watch the vlog of us enjoying these meals here

Have you tried an All Plants meal yet? 
* This post was created in collaboration with All Plants. 
All views and opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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