Tuesday 4 April 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Palette

I've had an eye on the Too Faced eye shadow palettes for a little while now but last month I decided the time had come to treat myself to one. At nearly £40 each there was some deliberating taking place as to whether I actually needed new eye shadows, but after hearing so many rave reviews about their palettes I did feel that my makeup collection was missing out without one.

After much research and consideration I finally decided on the Chocolate Bar palette as I felt that there were a greater number of shades in this set that I would use than the others. That being said the majority of the Too Faced palettes contain shades I would be naturally drawn towards - browns, nudes, taupes etc.   

When the Chocolate Bar palette arrived I was overall really pleased with the quality of the product. I love the sturdy tin that it comes in and the fact that it looks like a chocolate bar is pretty cool! It also has a mirror inside which is really useful, especially when travelling and on the go. A lot of my makeup palettes do become a little grubby over time from makeup fingers but the fact that this palette is inside a tin container means that it doesn't get the same wear marks as my other ones and it's super easy to wipe clean too. 

When I opened the palette I was surprised by the chocolate scent as I had forgot a major selling point of Too Faced eye shadows is that some of them are indeed as appealing to your nose as they are to your eyes. In fact every time I open this palette the yummy chocolatey scent takes me by surprise and after a month of using these eye shadows the smell is still very much present.  

I've found myself reaching for this palette every time I apply my makeup now as the shades are just so perfect for my every day wear. I love that there's a really great mix of lighter and darker shades meaning that layering shades and going from a day time into an evening look is really easy. I also appreciate that they have made the lightest shades bigger as these are the ones that get used all over my lid every day and in my other palettes it's these shades that run out the quickest. 

Top row of palette, from left to right: Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge. 

Middle row of palette, from left to right: Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied Velvet, Amaretto. 

Bottom row of palette, from left to right: Hazelnut, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle. 

I'm really happy I have invested in such a great eye shadow palette that I know will last me a long time. The quality is the best and the shades all blend so well with minimal fall out. Since wearing these shades I have received so many comments on my eye makeup it's made me realise that there is a visible difference between these and the previous eye shadows I have been wearing before. These days I am really not someone to spend a lot of money on makeup but every once in a while it does feel good to treat yourself to a higher end product that you know you will get good use from. Also, with Easter just around the corner this would make the perfect gift for you or someone else! 

Have you tried a Too Faced palette before?  

* Note - Too Faced remain a completely cruelty free brand since being bought by Estee Lauder.
To read my personal views on non cruelty free parent companies please read here.
Not all shades within this palette are vegan friendly.  


  1. I have this palette & I adore it, I mean it even smells of chocolate so what is not too love! I wear all the shades and think the quality is fab - it is a very well loved palette in my collection. I really want the sweet peach palette too - how cute does it look!

  2. I was thinking to purchase this palette for a long time. Recently, I did makeup classes for beginners by Lina Cameron , I met Lucy there. It was my birthday and gifted me this palette. I so freaking love this palette! It smells so good, totally like a chocolate bar! Its a must have for those who love to do natural eye-look or light eye makeups. This palette is really pigmented too! <3
    I really love to use this everyday for my classes! Thanks to her for giving me this one and you too for this wonderful review. I will recommend this one for sure! <3


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