Thursday 12 May 2016

Saturated Colour Blogger Meet Up

Last Saturday I was very lucky to be invited along to a beauty blogger meet up event at the HQ of Saturated Colour cosmetics in Essex. You may remember that I blogged about one of Saturated Colour's Lip Vinyl's a little while ago and I also featured them in one of my cruelty free favourites videos over on YouTube this month. They are already a brand that I really like so I was really looking forward to going along to this bloggers event to find out more about their other products and to meet some other local bloggers! 

I think going to any blogger meet up events can be a little nerve wrecking and especially so, if like me, you don't happen to know anyone. Despite some initial nerves I knew that I would be making a mistake if I didn't go and i'm so glad that I put myself out there and went along. I was also fortunate to have built up a little relationship with a few other Essex bloggers over social media so it was nice getting to know them a little bit better online before the big event as I then felt that I had people to meet there which made it less daunting.   

The meet up itself was held at Saturated Colours main HQ and shop in the village of Stock in Essex. It made such a nice change to be invited to a blogger event in my own county and I was so pleased to learn that Saturated Colour are an Essex based brand. From the moment I arrived it was clear to see just how much thought and effort went into hosting this event and all the lovely ladies from SC were so friendly and welcoming. 

To kick off the event the ladies from SC gave us a small talk and show around of all of their products. If you didn't already know, Saturated Colour are a completely cruelty free brand which makes them a perfect choice for anyone who is against animal testing. They also have a number of vegan friendly products available too including their LIPSStick, Lip Vinyl and Locked Lips products. 

I loved my previous Lip Vinyl so much and it was great to see some of the other shades up close in person. I particularly loved this Magnetic Melon shade which I think is perfect for the Spring / Summer season and I know it's a colour I would love to wear on holiday and with a sun tan. 

After browsing some of the products it was time to take some selfies! The lovely ladies from Saturated Colour had set up a really fun Photo Booth where we could all show off our favourite products and shades. They made some cute little chalk board signs to hold up and snap away. 

Liv from the Love From Liv blog 

Sam from the Beautifie blog 

Fellow cruelty free blogger Charlotte from the Char W Beauty blog

After all of that fun it was time to split up into groups and enter a competition by creating our own beautiful lips using a variety of Saturated Colour's products. We each had 10 minutes to create an attention grabbing look to show off the wonderful vibrancy of SC's lip products. This was a great idea as it really gave everyone a chance to experiment with the products available and get a better feel for them. I was particularly impressed by the Colour Switch product which magically changes the colour of any lipstick you're already wearing to a new lighter shade. 

Overall it was a really fun afternoon and i'm so glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone to attend. It was lovely to meet some other bloggers who I chat to regularly online in person and this has definitely encouraged me to attend more events like this in future. It was also interesting to learn more about this brand and have a clearer idea of the products on offer, particularly for vegans. 

As if all of that wasn't enough we got to leave with a lovely little goodie bag filled with some Saturated Colour products and a handy little tub of Vita Coco coconut oil

Now I can't wait to try out these new products over the next few weeks and report back to you all my findings.

Have you tried any Saturated Colour products yet? What takes your fancy!?


  1. It sounds as though you had a lovely time. The lipstick swatch looks beautiful too! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I've not heard of this brand before so thank you for sharing. I wish I could attend more events but they are so rare where I live in the South West.

    Tea in the Tub


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