Wednesday 4 May 2016

Lucky Dip Club Breakfast Box

I can't quite believe it's Lucky Dip Club time again! I really do feel like these boxes come around so quickly and I think that has a lot to do with all the interactive fun that's included within the box and Girl Planet. It sure does keep me busy each month!

I was very excited about the launch of this breakfast theme box, mainly because it included my first ever Lucky Dip Club contribution! Yep, thats right, little old me was inside this month's box. Well, not literally, but I was featured in the amazing Girl Planet mini magazine and I got to share my favourite breakfast recipe of all time - vegan french toast with all the trimmings!

I feel so lucky to have been asked to contribute to this magazine which i've been a huge fan of since it's launch back in January. It's a part of the box that I absolutely love so to be a part of it really was a dream come true. If you're a LDC subscriber I really hope you liked my recipe and i'd love to hear what you thought of it if you've had a go at making your own vegan french toast.

Anyway, less gushing from me and more about the box!

As already mentioned, April's theme was all about breakfast and LDC teamed up with the amazing and talented illustrator Belinda Chen aka Bel's Art World to bring us a whole load of kawaii style animal and food cuteness! I hadn't seen any of Bel's work prior to receiving this box and I am already head of heels in love with her designs. After browsing her Etsy shop I already have my eye on a couple of cute cat & puppy themed iron on patches. 

Included In The Box

Cotton cereal van tea towel 
Bowl of yay enamel pin 
Good morning cereal van wall art
(all illustrated by Bel's Art World)

Mini Milk Bottle Necklace
(Handmade by Tiny Treat Boutique)

Fried egg brooch DIY kit
(by the Make Arcade)

Girl Planet mini magazine issue 4

My favourite item in this months box would have to be the beautiful tea towel which is so special i'm not sure if I can actually bring myself to use it! I love it when an LDC box includes a totally new and useful item which I haven't had before. I also would have never expected to receive a tea towel in one of these boxes so this was a total welcomed surprise.

I was also really pleased to see another DIY craft kit included from The Make Arcade too. I love crafting and whenever I get one of these kits in a LDC box it always prompts me to take some time out to make something which always feels so rewarding and relaxing.

I guess what with being a vegan a couple of the items in this box perhaps weren't in keeping with my personal ethics, such as the tiny milk bottle necklace and the egg brooch, but nevertheless I still really liked the breakfast theme of this box and the cute kawaii inspired designs included.

An online friend of mine messaged me this month to say that they didn't think that this particular box was worth the £18 price tag. As I am an old subscriber I still get my box at the lower £15 price which definitely makes it more affordable and good value for money. As with any subscription box of this kind, every month is a total surprise as to what will be inside the box and that is definitely half the fun of being an LDC subscriber. If I am being honest, and in my opinion, I would say that the majority of the boxes are excellent value for money. This is also a subscription box that gets me SO excited every month and I genuinely look forward to what's in store. This is also the longest time I have ever subscribed to any subscription box and I think that's a great testament on its own to just how much I love this service. * See Lucky Dip Club's creator Leona's response to the pricing below *

One of my favourite things about every box is that every item is a complete one of a kind and individual to the Lucky Dip Club. It's pretty cool knowing that only a select few people (well nearly 1500!) will ever own these items.

As always the Lucky Dip Club subscriptions and one off box purchases open on the first of every month at 7am so if you want to be part of the club make sure you set your alarm!

What did you think of this months breakfast box? I'd love to hear!   
Hey Sarah! 
Thanks for the review! So happy you loved your article in Girl Planet and you discovered the wonderful Bel's Art World - it was a joy to produce this month. 
I just wonder when your online friend says the box wasn't worth £18 this month what is this in comparison to? Just to give you a breakdown... The tea towel retails for £10, the pin £6, the milk bottle necklace £8, the the print £4, the DIY kit £10 = Product value £38. We also don't charge for postage or packaging and the costs associated with producing a magazine each month. Plus as a small business we pay 20% VAT and income tax. 
I often feel frustrated by comments regarding 'value for money' that might not be thoroughly thought through. Receiving 5 handmade and independently produced items for just £18 IS good value - each item costing the customer just over £3 (!!!). I completely understand if the items inside are not to someone's personal taste but then it is a surprise Lucky Dip but I cannot understand the value for money angle.
I hope you don't mind me commenting with my thoughts and feelings : ) 
All the best, 
Lucky Dip Club 


  1. I was all ready to sign up for next months box after hearing what the theme was going to be. Sadly when I logged in at 9 o clock to get one they had already sold out :( damn the 1st falling on a Sunday meaning i missed out due to laying in bed.
    Well done on your feature though, how exciting x x

    1. Oh no Gem what a shame, hope you have better luck next time ;-) xx

  2. I blooming LOVE Lucky Dip Club, and I can't understand why people think that it's not good value for money?! It's awesome value for money! I love the amazing stuff and the fact that I get to support and be made aware of awesome new and up-and-coming designers. I'd pay almost £5 for a zine alone, and then as I'm an old subscriber it would only work out £10 a month for the rest of the stuff. Ah well, we're all different, which is a good thing! And I'll keep subscribing - it's my piece of happiness in a usually stressful life.

    1. I agree Tillie, and its a subscription box I totally love and look forward to every month. I guess sadly everyones different and it won't always please everyone. My idea of good value of money could be different to someone else's! As the person in question bought the box following one of my reviews I felt it important to include their opinion within this post to offer a balance in opinions and represent their views. I for one shall continue to be a subscriber and I don't ever foresee that changing! :-) xxx


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