Tuesday 31 May 2016

May Life

With the arrival of May we saw lots of pink blossom and sunshine so it certainly has felt like Summer is on its way now. As usual this post is packed with photos, links and all of my personal favourite moments from the last few weeks. 


Thankfully i've been feeling much more well this month than I was last month, although all my cold and virus symptoms have slowly been replaced with some hay-fever ones! One of the major downfalls of Summer for me is hay-fever and it pretty much leaves me feeling miserable throughout the warmer months. Aside from that, all feels good. Busyness and life events this month have meant that i've found it difficult to stay on top of my blogging and video making and in some ways it feels like i've had somewhat of an unplanned break from it all. This has felt nice but it's also left me feeling like i'm falling behind with some of the things i'd hoped to achieve. It even had me feeling like i'd lost my momentum and mojo at one point but thankfully that was short lived.  


I honestly feel like May has just been such a rollercoaster month of craziness! And because of that it has absolutely whizzed by.... 

I kicked off this month with a slight new look as I had about 5 inches chopped off my hair and I have felt so much better for it! I like having long hair but it soon starts to feel uncontrollable and in bad condition. Having so much chopped off has given it a lovely feeling of healthiness and volume again which I love. 

I got invited to attend a beauty blogger event in Essex this month at Saturated Colour's HQ. It's quite rare that an event like this comes up in Essex so it made a really nice change to not have to travel too far. I was also very excited as this is a cruelty free brand who I already love! It was so nice to get to know the brand better and meet some fellow Essex bloggers. You can also find out what I received in my blogger goodie bag here

On the 8th of May we jetted off to Majorca for a few nights to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.  The last time we went abroad was December so we were both really excited to get away and enjoy some sunshine. Or so we thought! Sadly the weather was really hit and miss the whole time we were there but that didn't stop us having an awesome time and our ME Mallorca hotel was absolutely  stunning so we didn't mind spending more time in our room. 

We took advantage of the bad weather days and explored the island in our rental car. We spent one day in Palma city which was so much fun and somewhere i'd never been before despite having visited Majorca several times in the past. It was so good for shopping and we also managed to find a great vegan restaurant, Bon Lloc, where we enjoyed an amazing lunch. 

It was so nice to be away and relax for a few days and it really did make our wedding anniversary feel special. You can see more of our break over on our vlogging channel Keeping Up With The Kirby's!

This months other major event (and one that has completely over taken everything else and all our time!) is that we decided to expand our family and get a new puppy! 

We have been thinking about it for some time now as our youngest dog Zen has really needed a play mate who has lots of energy and also because we just love dogs! We initially thought about adopting again but felt it only fair on the other pets to get a puppy and sadly the only dogs needing rehoming local to us were very large and older dogs which we just couldn't accommodate. If someone has no other pets I would always promote adopting a rescue pet where feasible but if you have other pets and cats it's certainly a trickier route to go down. Our other adoptive dog Bapu is also very nervous around other dogs so we felt he would adjust better with a baby pup. 

Anyway, and onto the new arrival herself, her name is Suki and she is a beautiful sable Pomeranian girl :-) She's the one on the right and the one on the left is FiFi my Mum's puppy. My Mum was ready to get another dog and a playmate for her Chihuahua (Queenie) so we decided it would be nice to get Sisters. Aren't they just the most adorable little things you've ever seen!? You can watch the day we bought them home here

I don't think any of us were quite ready for hard it's been having two new puppies to look after. My Mum's been staying with us as she's pet sitting for us when we go away so in some ways it's been easier being able to split the work between the three of us. But the lack of sleep during the first week was terrible and we all felt permanently jet lagged. It really was an awful feeling but thankfully since then they have settled more and we have been able to get them into a routine which means we've all been able to sleep. They're now getting on so well with the other dogs and it's been so much fun watching them all play together! As from this week they can start to go out for their walks which we hope will also make things easier as at the moment we have felt pretty housebound! 

So now you're all probably understanding a little bit more why it's been so hard to blog and get anything done. They've been a major distraction but a welcomed one!

In other doggie news, our Chihuahuas all took part in the RSPCA Big Walkies event at Alexandra Palace and raised over £50 for the charity which helps animals. It was so nice to be able to do something like this for an animal charity and it was an event we could all enjoy together. 

Thankfully the weather was great and it turned out to be a lovely day for the dogs and us!

If you have a dog I would definitely recommend having a look at these events to see if there's one you  too could take part in. Our Chi's had so much fun meeting lots of other dogs and it was so cute seeing them receive their little rosettes for taking part! Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored them. 

Aren't they just so cute! 

In other news, I'm so happy that I started a regular yoga class this month. It's been something i've wanted to do for a long time and after someone recommend a local teacher to me I feel so happy to have found a class which I really enjoy. It's also something my chiropractor recommended for ongoing back pain I suffer with. Aside from that it's just been so nice to take a couple hours out of my week to really switch off and relax whilst practicing some mindfulness meditation. When I leave the class I feel like a new woman and able to tackle anything that comes my way! 


I was really excited this month to find out that Dickens restaurant, which is a stones throw from where I live, was holding a vegan night. It made such a nice change to be able to walk around the corner and go out for a really nice plant based meal with my family. You can read all about my experience in my review

I finally got my hands some of these amazing little Vegolino truffles this month which i'd been seeing pop up all over social media. I ordered mine from the Vegan Town shop which was really easy and i'm so glad I did as they are incredibly delicious! If you like the vegan chocolate Vego bar you will really love these. 

I was finally able to pay a visit to Deliciously Ella's MAE Deli this month during a London day trip. This place has been on my hit list for so long, it felt great to finally be able to cross it off! As you can see from this photo the food, which is all vegan friendly, was amazing. You can read all about my experience in my blog review


One item I purchased this month which caught loads of peoples attention was this unicorn bed set from ASDA. It was a total bargain at just £10 for a single size set and it's really made my guest bedroom feel like a cosy and fun place to relax. 

It was also love at first sight when I saw these cute wall eyelashes on one my favourite online shops websites - Retro Kids. I've been putting lots of effort into making my guest room as cute as can be and these were a perfect addition which i've now decided to place on the bedroom door. I shall be filming a guest room tour soon so keep an eye out! 

On a recent day trip into London I couldn't resist popping into the Kikki K store in Covent Garden. I'd had my eye on their pretty new cat 'Vanskap' range and so I treated myself to the Pen Pal Kit, Magnetic To Do List, and the Magnetic Page Markers. I could have easily bought so much more but i'm trying hard to curb my stationery buying until I start using things up. 

Continuing along the cat theme I also spotted some cute kitty themed crockery in H&M Home. This set is definitely meant for children, like most things I seem to be buying lately! 

I also went a little bit crazy at the NYX counter at Selfridges. I've heard so much about their cruelty free lip glosses that I just couldn't wait to try them out for myself. So far i've been impressed by the butter glosses the most but I shall be featuring my full thoughts on a video soon. 

I decided to treat my dogs this month to their very first subscription box and, after having seen them featured on Zoella's channel, I thought I would try PawPost first. You can watch my dogs reaction to all of these goodies in our little unboxing video

I needed to do a small re-stock of some of my favourite Lush products this month and I also wanted a few bath time treats to take on holiday with me as our room had an amazing freestanding bathtub right next to our bed which was just heavenly. These are all items I just keep going back to and never get bored of - the Blackberry Bath Bomb, Avo Bath Bomb, You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil and the MMMelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil (all cruelty free and vegan!).

My final fave purchases of this month has been these beautiful Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paints. Not only do I adore all of these coral shades but these nail paints are just so nice to use. They apply really well, have a noticeable shiny finish and they're pretty long lasting. Best of all they're completely cruelty free and vegan friendly!  





June is always a fun filled month for me as there's always so many birthdays to celebrate including my Mum's & my husband's Andy's. So we have a few meals out planned along with seeing friends and family. Because of being away and getting the puppies it's felt as though we haven't been able to be very social this month so it'll be nice to see people again! 

June is also when we usually decide to go on our main Summer holiday and so next month we're off to Ibiza for 10 nights which I really can't wait for. Ibiza is our favourite place and we usually try to go once a year. Last year we wasn't able to go so this trip has felt like a long time coming for us! 

I'm also looking forward to seeing how the puppies change and grow over the next few weeks as they seem to be changing all the time lately. It will be sad to say goodbye to FiFi when her and my Mum go home though as we've become so attached to her. But it's nice to know we'll be seeing them again soon and that Suki will always know her Sister.  

I really hope you've all had a great month too! How was May for you? I'd love to hear some of your own highlights and news so please do comment below.

Until next month...

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