Friday 20 May 2016


I was recently sent a couple of products from the UK based company Humblestuff who hand make sustainable, cruelty free and vegan friendly cleaning products. Their products contain no harsh chemicals and they pride themselves on using simple tried and tested ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda and Castile soap. It's also worth knowing that their products are 100% recyclable making them very eco friendly.  

The two products I was sent to try out for myself was the Lemon Myrtle Multi Surface Cleaning Spray and the Lemon Myrtle Soft Cleaning Paste.

First and foremost, the multi surface cleaning spray smells absolutely amazing! I guess I was thinking beforehand that maybe it would be a mild scent due to the natural ingredients but I was so wrong.  As soon as I wipe down my kitchen surfaces with this spray I can really notice the fresh and clean smell afterwards. I've even had other family members comment on the scent which is always a good indication that its also a long lasting smell. 

The multi surface cleaning spray is an excellent product for general surface wiping over and it's done a great job on everything from my kitchen sides, my dining table, window sills and sinks. It's also been so nice to use a product like this knowing that it only contains natural ingredients and that it hasn't been tested on animals. 

At £5.00 plus shipping a bottle I would say that it is quite a bit more expensive than what I would usually pay for my cleaning sprays but it's definitely a product I would like to use again and the price, albeit high, is an accurate reflection of the quality.   

When I first looked at the cleaning paste I wasn't quite sure what I was meant to do with it or how best to use it. Perhaps for us less experienced cleaners like myself it would be great to see some kind of small directions of use on the labelling of these products. That being said, I was quickly able to read others reviews of the product on the Etsy store and gage an understanding about how other people have used this paste. 

To use the paste I simply spread some of the paste onto my cleaning cloth and gently rubbed into the item I was cleaning. I then wiped clean with a damp cloth afterwards or in combination with the cleaning spray.

Just like the multi surface cleaning spray, this paste smells incredible! I'm aware that Humblestuff offer non scented versions of their products for anyone who would prefer that, but I for one cannot get enough of this fresh lemony smell.

I found the cleaning paste really effective on my oven door, kitchen sink and hob area. It works particularly well on some of the more grimy areas of my kitchen and I would also consider this a more intense clean than what the spray offers. I read on some of the product reviews that other customers have found this to be really effective on a variety of different things including carpet stains, dirty trainers and roasting dishes. It really does seem like this is a great all round product which I now feel is quite reassuring to own.

The paste is also on sale for £5.00 plus shipping and I do feel that this price is more in keeping with other products of this kind and it's certainly good value for money. I also foresee that this paste will last me a long time especially if I am saving it for the more intense cleans. 

Overall, Humblestuff is a really nice and appealing brand which I personally would love to see more readily available in the larger supermarkets. I know there is now a big demand for vegan and cruelty free cleaning products and it would therefore be excellent to see this section of the supermarkets expanding and offering more choice for consumers.  

Humblestuff claim that their products are honest, ethical and humble and since trying them for myself I would have to completely agree.

Have you tried anything from this range yet?  
* These products were sent to me for review purposes. 
All views and opinions expressed within this review are my own. 


  1. They sound like such a lovely brand! Definitely going to have to keep them in mind when I move out and need to start buying cleaning products, thank you for the review :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. These sound lovely, will definitely be checking these guys out! My Mum uses a lot of the Astonish range after we found out that was vegan/cruelty free so will have to tell her about this range too. - Tasha


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