Tuesday 10 July 2018

Lone Wolves Organics | Essex

Lately I feel like I spend so much time exploring what London has to offer on the vegan scene that I tend to forget about little old Essex where I live. I mean lets face it, London does have a LOT to offer and it also seems to be constantly changing and evolving with new openings and menu's each week which keeps me so busy. But that isn't to say that exciting things aren't happening out in the countryside too! 

A little while ago the lovely lady who runs the cattery where we leave our cats when we go on holiday (who also happens to be vegan) mentioned a gorgeous new cafe out in the small historic town of Coggeshall, Essex. I remember that she absolutely raved about it at the time but i'm sad to say that the recommendation just fell to bottom of my list and it's taken me a good year to finally make the visit.

Lone Wolves Organics opened in 2017 and is run by the beautiful couple Sam and Lois who themselves are just a picture of health and happiness. I remember when I first saw a photo of them on Instagram and I just thought I want whatever they're having! They are definitely a great advertisement themselves for the food and juices they are producing. 

I would first off recommend checking out their Instagram page because if that isn't enough to draw you through their door then I don't know what is! They have curated the most gorgeous feed of beautiful and colourful plant based delights. Since following them a couple of months ago it has been my daily reminder that I need to pay them a visit until finally the perfect plan free day presented itself last week.  

I've often driven through Coggeshall but never actually taken the time to stop the car and explore the streets. It's actually stunning and very idyllic, despite there not being a huge amount there, and in the centre of the town sits Lone Wolves Organics. 

The cafe itself is very small but perfectly formed. I couldn't stop snapping photos because the interior is just gorgeous! They've definitely made the most of the small space they have and they've made it feel like a real cosy and inviting spot. Seating spaces are quite limited but fortunately for us we managed to grab a great spot in their window nook which was perfect for watching the world go by. 

One of Lone Wolves Organics specialities are their juices and smoothies so I couldn't wait to have a taste for myself. It was in the height of our current heat wave when we visited so this was exactly what I needed! 

I went for their Coco Flamingo Smoothie which is a glorious blend of coconut milk, strawberries, banana, dates, vanilla and beetroot powder. These are some of my all time favourite smoothie ingredients so I already knew this would be a hit with me! My husband chose to go for their Single Fin juice which is a refreshing mix of pineapple, orange, lime and ginger. I also had a taste of his and really loved it.

The food menu is small but incredibly inviting! 

I couldn't resist the lure of one of their heart shaped beetroot bagels which I'd spotted on the counter when I walked in. This came with homemade Brazil nut and sundried tomato pesto, sliced avocado and a topping of pickled beetroot and seeds. As I was eating this I just thought I wish I lived closer as I think I'd be popping in all week for one of these! It was so tasty and it felt great to be eating such a healthy and nutritious lunch out somewhere. 

My husband went for their Oasis Bowl which when presented to us we both let out a little "wow". It looked divine! And so colourful! The bowl comes with mango and coconut Jasmin rice, a whole host of raw veggies and a pot of Thai peanut sauce. And yes it tasted as good as it looks. 

As we enjoyed our lunch I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it felt to come out and enjoy such a beautiful plant based lunch in the depths of Essex's countryside. It was really one of those 'what a time to be alive' moments! 

Along with all of the amazing food and drinks on offer, Lone Wolves Organics also have a selection of homemade foods, eco friendly products and even organic jewellery on display and available to buy. 

I can only describe our experience of lunching at Lone Wolves Organics as beautiful. It's most certainly somewhere I will be recommending to all of my friends in Essex, and beyond. And it's also reminded me of the importance of supporting small local businesses like this. I want, and need, to make a more conscious effort to eat out local more often. 

To any of my fellow house plant enthusiasts reading this - Lone Wolves Organics is also only a short distance from my favourite Perrywood Garden Centre so be sure to pay them a visit on your way there! 

Oh and if you do pay them a visit make sure you pick up one of their donuts, they're incredible! 


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