Thursday 5 July 2018

CIRCUS Vegan Menu Launch | Covent Garden

Last week I was invited along to cabaret restaurant Circus in Covent Garden for the launch of their brand new Vegan Tasting Menu. Prior to this invite I hadn't heard of this place before and I was quite excited by the prospect of an evening of entertainment in the heart of London's West End, and lots of vegan food of course! Having never been to a cabaret or performance restaurant before I had no idea what to expect but I was really looking forward to attending and doing something I wouldn't ordinarily do. 

As soon as I set eyes on the expansive Vegan Tasting Menu I knew that we were in for a treat. With no less than twelve separate dishes to try I was really glad I hadn't eaten much beforehand!  

The evening kicked off with a glass of Prosecco which was also clearly labelled vegan which was so good to see as more often than not restaurants can overlook the drinks side of things when ensuring suitability for vegans. 

After being seated we were soon presented with our starter dishes which included....

Nori Poppadums served with chilli garlic & plum dipping sauce

Edamame Beans 

Banh Trang Rolls 

Once our first courses were finished we were then treated to the first performance of the night which was a spectacular aerial hoop display. 

For our next course of small dishes we were treated to...

Crispy Cauliflower & Four Bean Salad 

Date & Water Chestnut Gyoza 

Truffle & Mushroom Spinach Parcel 

The next performance involved an impressive balancing act and acrobatic display and then it was onto the following course of large dishes. 

Chilli Crusted Tofu 

Quinoa & Pomegranate San Choy Bau 

And we were also served up a selection of side dishes which included Jasmin rice, grilled asparagus and these amazingly delicious smoked aubergine pieces which came in an incredible white miso, palm sugar and chipotle chilli sauce. 

The evening ended on the spectacular note of this Mango Sorbet Eaton Mess which included honeycomb, strawberries, raspberries and impressively - Aquafaba meringue! 

As you can see from all of these photos we were really treated to an amazing array of different dishes and it was so good to see just how much effort has gone into creating really tasty vegan food for this menu. The flavours were really impressive and each dish just left us wanting more! The attention to detail and service along the way was also first class. 

A cabaret restaurant probably wouldn't be my first choice when looking for somewhere to head out to with the husband for dinner, but it did make a really nice change to do something so different and fun. 

Circus would be the most perfect venue for a celebratory event or meal, particularly if you're looking for somewhere to go with a large group of people. The fact that they cater so well for everyone now also means that it's the kind of place which will keep everyone in your group happy, even the meat eaters! 

I think at £65 a head for this tasting menu, with the entertainment, this is a good value experience, particularly when taking into consideration it's central location, the high quality food on offer and that it also includes a glass of Prosecco. 

One lasting thought from this night was that my husband and I had only a few days earlier been for a similar chef style tasting menu at Nobu for his birthday and we both felt that the food we'd enjoyed on this night was actually of a higher standard, and as both were Asian style meals it was really easy for us to be able to compare the two.

Have you been to Circus before? 


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