Wednesday 6 December 2017

DIY Minimal Christmas Wreath

There's definitely something about this time of year as I feel way more in the mood for crafting than I usually do. In fact I find myself wanting to try my hand at making everything! You may remember last year I posted a DIY Pom Pom Christmas Wreath which was so much fun to make and it really looked very impressive on my front door. I actually love to be able to show off and say that I made something myself when people ask me where I got something from!

This year my style has changed up quite a lot and as my new home embraces a more minimal aesthetic I wanted to make something to reflect this and something that would fit our new decor nicely. I had seen quite a few images online of minimal festive wreaths and I decided to order the materials I needed to be able too make one of my own.

We're quite lucky as we have a Norway Spruce Christmas tree in our front garden which I bought and planted a few weeks ago as I have always wanted a big tree outside which we can decorate with lights every year. This meant that I have had really easy access to some foliage to make this wreath! However, some of you may have a holly bush which would work perfectly, or even just go for a walk and see what you can find along the way. If all else fails I am pretty sure garden centres provide some off cuts for you which you can then use on your wreath. It's always worth asking!

What You'll Need

Clippers / Scissors
Ribbon / string for hanging

To make your wreath simply cut sections of foliage that you would like to use and place them onto your wire hoop which you can then secure into place with your wire. I tied pieces of wire around the foliage to hold it into place and because the wire I used is green it has meant that it is easily disguised. It can be quite a prickly task so if you do have some gloves you may want to wear them as my hands felt really itchy after this process. 

Once I covered the hoop in some cuttings from my Christmas tree I then added some holly bush cuttings to one side of it, but you can of course make it as minimal, or non minimal, as you like! 

The final process is to attach some string to the wreath so that you can hang it up in your chosen position. I love the idea of hanging a one or two of these on my wall with invisible thread but I wasn't keen on hammering nails into the middle of my lovely white walls so I opted instead to hang my wreath on the inside of my front door. Fortunately I already have a hook there which was the perfect spot to hang my wreath from. 

This wreath really couldn't be any easier to make and I just love how simple yet beautiful it is. It has also filled my home with the wonderful scent of Christmas trees which I just love!

I also love how it makes a focal point in my hallway without making the space feel too cluttered.

Why not have a go at making one of these yourself!?
Let me know if you do, I'd love to see some photos of your own creations!  

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