Thursday 7 December 2017

A Scandi Inspired Christmas

Being in our new home this Christmas feels so exciting and I've been really looking forward to getting it ready for the festive season for quite some time now. I've had some different ideas floating around in my mind for months but one thing I knew was that I wanted to create a beautiful Scandi and minimal festive home which reflects our new homes aesthetic. 

It's so easy to get really carried away this time of year with decorations but I think I've done a pretty good job at keeping things looking simple but effective. I picked out some of my old favourite decorations from my Christmas box but I also invested in some new bits and pieces which are more in keeping with the style of our new house. 

I love all things Scandinavian and I really wanted my home to have a festive Scandi feel to it this year. If anyone can do Christmas right it's the Scandinavians! For me Scandi means simplicity, minimal, natural and sticking to a light colour palette. You'll notice that many of the decorative features I have gone for this Christmas include natural wood, whites, greys and a little kick of red here and there. Too many different colours for me = too much noise = a stressful environment. Sticking to this theme has helped my home to remain a calming and relaxing space.  

Another thing the Scandinavians are really good at is getting those Hygge vibes right. For me Christmas and a feeling of cosiness just go hand in hand together and it's probably why I love this time of year so much. In order to create a sense of Hygge in my home I have gone for quite a few candles dotted around and, of course, some fairy lights. My evenings at home have become even more relaxing since we decorated for Christmas and getting the atmospheric lighting right is key. 

Every year I make a point of visiting Ikea at Christmas as it is after all the home of Scandinavian design. I also think they do Christmas really well and offer some great value festive products this time of year. I absolutely adore their 'Vinter' range this season as it embodies everything I love about a Scandi Christmas. The whites, greys and reds of this range also happen to fit in with my own theme perfectly. 

* old homeware items, no longer available

Real Norway Spruce Christmas Tree ~ Perrywood Garden Centre in store only , 

A huge part of the fun of the build ups to Christmas is going to buy our Christmas tree. Every year I insist on getting a real tree because it feels like more of an event and I just can't get enough of the smell that comes with it. Yes the pine needles are a pain but for me that's just a small sacrifice compared to the joy which a real tree brings with it. I also always opt for a tree in a pot with it's rootball intact which means once Christmas is over we can plant it outside in our garden. Many people view real trees as a waste of money but if you do buy one like this and replant it, it will bring you a lifetime of happiness.   

Scandi Bauble ~ M&S in store only 

This time of year is always when I feel most creative and I often like to be able to make some handmade decorative items for my home. I had a lot of fun making this minimal wreath for the inside of my front door. And that's another benefit of planting your Christmas tree - you have all the foliage you need for future wreath making! 

This year I have also decided to make some effort outside the front of my house, but again without going overboard. A simple addition of a festive doormat to greet our visitors and some twinkly lights on our topiary balls felt more than enough. That was until I found these minimal looking reindeers at the garden centre which I just couldn't say no to! 

Metal Reindeers ~ Perrywood Garden Centre in store only  

I really hope you've enjoyed a closer look at my Scandi inspired Christmas at home in this post and I hope it inspires some of you with your decorating this year. 



  1. Beautifully done Sarah! Love the Scandi vibe :)

  2. Wow your house looks lovely! All those finishing touches really make it look festive. I've gone crazy for candles this year! xx

  3. Love your home and styling Sarah. Thanks for the inspiration x

  4. This looks really wonderful! Your decorations are amazing! If you decided to create a festive Christmas atmosphere you've totally succeed! Your photos bring real inspiration and New Year spirit. Before I used to find interior samples at but now I will search it in blogs like yours.


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