Tuesday 21 February 2017

My Favourite Places To Eat Out Vegan

I'm often asked where my favourite places to eat out vegan are and sometimes I find it difficult to answer because, firstly, there are just so many places and, secondly, it's really dependent on the occasion and location, along with who else we'll actually be dining with. One thing's for sure though, I certainly don't struggle for options for eating out particularly if I have some element of control over where we'll be eating. 

Anyway, I thought it would be useful for me to summarise all of my favourite places to eat vegan into one handy list! All of these are just my own personal favourites that I often re-visit and it's by no way a full comprehensive list of everything that's available. They're just the places I really love!

When In London


As I live in Essex I am pretty close to London and whenever we get the chance we like to head into the city to shop and explore vegan restaurants. But there are also a few favourites which I love going back to time and time again. 


Tibits is an amazing veggie / vegan buffet restaurant in the heart of the West End. You're charged by how much your plate weighs and it can be pricey but the food and choices are great. In my opinion this place is perfect for any occasion whether it be a cosy meal for two, a lunch with friends or even a celebratory meal. I wrote a review after my first visit but have been back many times since and i've never been disappointed by what's on offer.   


Mildred's is an all time favourite of mine and if you're looking for an impressive vegan meal in London then head here. The food is incredible and the desserts are to die for. I tend to save this restaurant for more special occasions but it's perfect for lunch or dinner. I've been to both the Soho and Camden branches so far and i'm looking forward to trying their new Kings Cross restaurant next. 


Ethos is another veggie / vegan buffet in the West End and this place is not only a gorgeous environment to sit inside, but the food is also so healthy and delicious. Check out my full review here


If you're looking for some yummy vegan ice cream and a huge choice of toppings then head to Yorica! 

Ms Cupcake

Since going vegan I have always rated Ms Cupcakes cakes as the best I have ever tasted. Her shop in Brixton is well worth a visit if you're after some cakes or lunch options.

When In Essex  

I wouldn't say that Essex is the best place to live being a vegan and it just doesn't compare to places like London or Brighton, however we are lucky enough to have a small number of vegan cafes and restaurants dotted around the county. 

The Den at 23

The best vegan burgers in town can be found at The Den in Colchester. If you ever find yourself in Essex this cafe needs to be on the top of your list! 

A Canteen

This is a great option if you're in Chelmsford or dining with meat eaters. They have a huge menu that caters for all and it's a great option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

The Oak Tree Bistro

The Oak Tree is one of my all time favourite spots for a slap up vegan meal. The menu is extensive and the food never disappoints. It's laid back and a great option for lunch, dinner or a special occasion. It's also next to the seaside if you fancy a stroll along the beach after! 

The Nourish Co

The Nourish Co is my favourite spot for a healthy vegan lunch to go as it's a teeny tiny cafe with limited seating inside. They always have inventive dishes on their menu and pretty raw cakes in their fridge. My favourite creation is their vegan sausage roll!

The Railway is an amazing old pub in Southend which serves up only vegetarian and vegan food. It's a quirky place with lots of character, the portion sizes are huge and the food has to be experienced to be believed!

When In Suffolk

I live on the Essex / Suffolk border and I do on occasion cross the border to get myself some tasty vegan grub. It would appear that Suffolk is becoming more and more vegan friendly with Sudbury being home to two new vegan cafes in the last 6 months.    

Kind Cuisine

This is a cosy little cafe in Sudbury which offers up some really tasty home cooked vegan meals and cakes. You can read my full review here!

Delphines Diner

I enjoyed the best vegan hotdog of my life at this diner in Aldeburgh! I also love it's retro 50's vibes. 

The Veggie Red Lion

If you're looking for a decent pub in Suffolk then head to The Veggie Red Lion. This pub only serves up veggie & vegan food which is such a rarity for a country pub and it makes it very unique. Their food is hearty, wholesome and delicious. Check out my full review here!

Chain Places  

Essex isn't exactly bursting with vegan cafes and restaurants and so I often find myself dining at a chain place which isn't at all bad these days with so many options to choose from...


I know some vegans wouldn't even step foot inside a Nando's but their veggie options are pretty amazing and you can also have a decent meal as a vegan too. My favourite dishes are the peri peri drizzle hummus, peri peri nuts, veggie burger (*no mayo) with peri salted fries. Their garlic bread is also vegan friendly. 

Pizza Express

When in the mood for pizza I always head to Pizza Express. I can't get enough of their vegan friendly Pianta pizza, especially with some extra caramelized onions thrown on top. 

The Handmade Burger Co.

I wish there was one of these in Essex as their vegan options are so good! I got to enjoy one of their amazing burgers whilst in Edinburgh last year and it was as good as i'd heard. 

Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi is probably the place we eat out the most. We love it! And the fact that they have a vegan menu is awesome. My favourite plates include the cucumber & avocado maki, pumpkin katsu, vegetable yaki soba and vegetable tempura. 


Zizzi's vegan menu is outstanding for a chain restaurant of this kind and they really should be applauded for how well they have managed to include vegans into their restaurant. They even have vegan cheese on their pizza's! 


I absolutely love Pret and if I am out and about shopping or needing a take away lunch it's always up there as a first choice for me. I also like that they change their menu quite frequently which keeps things varied. They make great vegan friendly sandwiches. 

Marks & Spencers

M&S have really upped their game in 2017 and I love all of their new vegan options. It's so great to know that you can just walk into their shop and pick up a tasty vegan lunch to go now. Watch us taste testing some of M&S's vegan options here!

From Around The World

I love to travel and I also love vegan food so combining these two passions is always a dream come true for me! Whenever I plan out any holiday itinerary a great deal of research goes into making up a list of all the places where I can eat vegan.  

Have you been to any of these places before? 

I'd love to hear some of your own stand out favourites for vegan food so comment below and let me know! 


  1. I really love Mildred's, too! I will be going there when I go to London in April. Why is it that some vegans won't go to Nandos?

  2. This is so helpful, I'm making notes. I love Mildred's too, I'm going tomorrow night! x


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