Thursday 2 February 2017

Cruelty Free Bags For All Occasions


I've had my eye on the FJALLRAVEN Kanken bag for some time now but I held off buying it for quite a while purely because I couldn't decide what colour I wanted. There is quite a lot of choice! I wanted to make sure I was picking a colour that went with 2-3 different coats I own and I also didn't want to go for a boring colour like black when so many other colours are available. I have to say that I was very tempted by the black though as it would have gone with everything.

I'm also not really much of a backpack kind of person, in fact I don't think I own any other backpacks. Shocking I know! Especially since the backpack seems to have made a pretty huge comeback recently. But buying a bag that you wouldn't usually wear, in a colour you wouldn't usually choose, proved itself to be quite a process.

Anyway, and after weeks of deliberating (no exaggeration), I opted for the 13 inch laptop version in the shade 'Ox Red'. My thinking behind this was that the red matched my walking trainers and it also wouldn't clash with my khaki green, bright yellow or black coats. It also wasn't a boring neutral colour that I would usually go for. I felt quite pleased with myself for not only making a firm decision on this but also for steering away from what I am automatically drawn to. 

I also ordered the accompanying Kanken Photo Insert which gives this backpack a whole new purpose by transforming it into a camera bag. Before now I would always opt against taking my bulky DSLR out and about with me but now I don't have any excuses. I'm hoping to take less blog photos on my iPhone 7 plus this year, as they don't always look the best quality, and instead i'll be taking my Canon 750D around with me more.

Pro's of the FJALLRAVEN Kanken (13 inch laptop)

* It's versatile - everyday backpack, laptop bag, camera bag - you pick! 
* It's completely cruelty free & vegan friendly made from 100% vinylal 
* If you have a child you can get them a matching mini one
* It makes a great hand luggage bag when travelling
* It has some vintage charm about it
It's trendy, 'hipster' like if you will
* It feels very tough and durable


* The decision making process can eat up a lot of your spare time
* It's a little on the pricier side at £80.00
* You may be called a hipster if you own one

 (* please note that not all varieties of the Kanken are vegan friendly, some special edition versions have leather details. Always check the information provided on the website as it clearly states if any animal textiles have been used).

Mi Pac Rose Gold Metallic Weekender 

My husband and I seem to be taking more and more mini breaks lately and for those 1 or 2 nighters I don't always want to take my small hard luggage case away with me. I only realised recently that I don't actually own a specific weekend bag. Well, at least not one that isn't over 5 years old and looking a bit tatty. Ok, ok, I wanted another new bag - who's judging anyway!?  

My initial thought was to check the Matt & Nat website as they are my usual 'go to' vegan friendly brand for good quality bag purchases. After having decided that I wanted something a little more affordable and a bit more funky my search widened and I soon came across a completely new brand to me - Mi Pac.  

After scouring the Mi Pac website I soon became aware that not only are their bags super affordable but they are, for the majority, vegan friendly. Nearly all of the Mi Pac bags are made from either faux leather or cotton. The designs are also really innovative and stylish. The metallics range quickly caught my eye and I thought that this rose gold metallic weekend bag was a total bargain for £34.99.

Pro's of the Mi Pac Rose Gold Metallic Weekender

* It's pretty! .... Oh so pretty! 
* It's water resistant
* It's completely cruelty free & vegan friendly 
* It's the perfect size for an overnight stay
* It looks more expensive than it is 
* It's a bargain for a bag of this size and quality
* It has a handy pocket inside for your mobile phone
* It can work as a shoulder bag or as one that you hold in your hand  
* There are few matching items to this bag like a purse, makeup bag and a bum bag


* I can't think of any. It's perfect.

Mi Pac Gold Metallic Flight Bag

After having decided on my weekend bag above, this small gold flight bag caught my eye. I have a trip coming up soon to Copenhagen where I am only taking hand luggage and I thought this would be perfect for carrying my small essential items that I like to keep with me at all times on the flight - money, passport, tickets, lip gloss etc. Some airlines can be really strict about the one bag rule so I thought that this compact little number could go undetected underneath my coat. Great thinking huh!?

The only disappointing factor for me was that they don't seem do this flight bag in the same rose gold as my weekend bag, but this metallic gold colour was a good second best option. Just like my weekend bag, this little number is made from a soft faux leather and it's really eye catching. Again, a total bargain at only £14.99! 

Pro's of the Mi Pac Gold Metallic Flight Bag

* It's an eye catcher
* It's also water resistant
* It has an adjustable strap 
* It's completely cruelty free & vegan friendly
* It can be worn as a cross body bag or as a shoulder bag
* It has numerous pockets and compartments for all your bits and pieces
* It's the perfect compact size for sneaking onto aeroplanes as an extra handbag 
* The inside pocket is the same striking metallic gold as the outside of the bag 


* They don't sell it in rose gold

STM Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review this laptop sleeve/bag and as I was already in the process of putting together this whole blog post on different cruelty free bags it seemed like perfect timing! I also don't own a specific bag which is dedicated to carrying my laptop, only a protective sleeve, so it was definitely something I needed in my life.

When the bag arrived I was really impressed by how lightweight it is and the laptop sleeve section is so incredibly soft and fluffy, I kept wanting to put my hands inside it! I also really like the fact that it has a separate zip up pocket for all your other bits and pieces so there's no need to put these in with your laptop which, I have to admit, is something I am guilty of doing. There's enough room for your laptop plus pens, your phone, a notebook or two, your charger and all those other small essential items you need with your laptop.

Pro's of the STM Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve

* It's lightweight
* It's currently in the sale at Curry's 
* It's completely cruelty free & vegan friendly
It comes in a variety of different colours & styles
* It's very functional but also stands out from the crowd
The tote straps transform this sleeve into a shoulder bag 
* It has a handy little pocket for your phone and other things 
* It has a super soft lining that will keep your laptop nice and safe
* It helps you to avoid overloading your bag and putting any weight onto your laptop


* The design could be viewed as more business like which may not be to everyones tastes  

I think it would be fair to say that I don't need to buy another bag for quite a while now, but I probably will anyway because, if you hadn't already guessed, bags are a slight obsession of mine. 

It's really great to see more and more vegan friendly alternatives in the shops and online and, more often than not, you will probably find yourself surprised by what is indeed suitable for vegans. I tend to find that the bags which aren't leather, or made with any animal textiles, are a lot more affordable than a bag which has inflicted cruelty upon an animal. 

What are your favourite cruelty free bags? I'd love to know some of your own recommendations so comment below and let us all know!   
* The STM Grace Deluxe bag was sent to me for review purposes. 
All views & opinions shared within this blog post are completely my own. 


  1. Fab post on cruelty free bags. It's great to find out about other brands that I wasn't aware of, and the variety of styles out there. I picked up a couple of bags from Labante (Ida Bordeaux & Picadilly Bordeaux) when I saw your Christmas guide that featured their rose gold clutch. Really impressed with the quality and sheer beauty of their products. Thanks x

    1. Thanks Julie! Glad you find posts like this helpful :-) Thanks for reading xx

  2. How do you find out whether the Mi Pac bags are vegan friendly or not? Was looking at their backpacks and I quite liked one of them. The base looked like it was some kind of suede, but I couldn't find any information on whether this was vegan or not :(

    1. It says on their website what the bags are made of. I think I know the backpack you're talking about & it says faux suede in the description. Hope that helps! X

  3. heya! are new balance trainers vegan? i was looking for a similar design

    1. No they're not sadly, they have leather in them.
      Some may be vegan friendly though. I'm sure they use lots of different materials so worth looking. Sarah x

  4. This post was so handy! My backpack broke recently and I need a new one, I've been eyeing up the Fjallraven Kanken for ages... Might be worth a buy! I'm also in awe of the Mi Pac bags, I thought they only did quite plain backpacks, those bags are gorgeous :o

    1. You should defo get a backpack, I'm so glad after months of looking at them that I finally have one! It's been so good for travelling with too x

  5. I've wanted a Fjallraven Kanken for agessss, that one's gorgeous! I might have to get one for travelling this summer!


  6. This is a great post! And I didn't realise the Kanken was vegan friendly! I've had mine for a couple of years and love it.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  7. I've wanted a Kanken for ages but I just have no idea which one to get. I'm so tempgted to buy one of the yellow ones but for the price I just don't know if I'll get the wear out if such a bold colour... The red one is lovely though!

    - Sarah

    1. It's so hard picking a colour! It took me so long to decide. But I think I made the right choice! I was very tempted by the yellow too, it's so bright & happy! X

  8. Thanks for your review on that great laptop cruelty-free bag! I love it. I've been looking for a laptop backpack to give to my bestfriend who is a nature lover and vegan. So, your blog really hit home - I'm considering that bag! Although I've recently found some interesting reviews on the best backpacks for women that features great brands and useful design that works. Here's the site I'm referring to that offers quite a comprehensive review on the best laptop backpacks:

  9. Really nice to know there are bags like these. For me, I'd always prefer backpack camera bags. I often had trouble with messenger or sling bags swinging around whenever I move or do something and I don't like that. But hey, we all have our own preferences. Good review!


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