Tuesday 8 March 2016

Lush Easter 2016

If you're a Lush fan like me you will probably already know that their Easter range of products has been released and looks better than ever! The Lush Easter products are a great treat to enjoy over the Easter break but they also make a really nice alternative to buying people lots of chocolate. All of Lush's products are cruelty free and mostly vegan so they also make a more ethical choice of gift this Easter.

With Easter just around the corner I decided to buy all four of the Easter bath bomb specials to put to the test and offer my thoughts on which included Fluffy Egg, Humpty Dumpty, Which Came First? and of course the Golden Egg.

All of these products were completely new to me so I was really excited to try them out. I also thought that in order to get a true reflection on a Lush product you need to really see it in action so I decided to video each experience for you all (don't worry - you don't get to see me in the bath!). This also marks my first ever branch into the world of Vlogging and YouTube on The V Nice Life - yay!

Enjoy the review!

 Fluffy Egg

I got a little bit carried away with the idea of completing my first vlog with the Fluffy Egg bath bomb and as a consequence I rushed into it and completely forgot to photograph it beforehand. So apologies that there are no decent photos of this bath bomb, but I think the video hopefully makes up for it and gives you a good overview of what Fluffy Egg looks like and how it works in the bath. 

I really liked this bath bomb but i'm not sure it's one I would personally go back to mainly because the overall fragrance was a little bit too sweet for me. That being said I loved the overall girly pink experience and it's definitely good value for money. This would make a great little gift at Easter time and is perfect for anyone who likes the Lush Snow Fairy shower gel as it has a very similar fragrance   

Humpty Dumpty

As you can see from my video and photographs this bath bomb didn't go exactly to plan for me! I did a bit of research before using it and I was under the impression that the best way to use Humpty Dumpty, and get the best value for money from it, is to break it in half. In other videos which I watched it seemed relatively easy to break in half and be left with two sides of egg shell and a separate fried egg in the middle. As you can see my attempt at this failed and I sadly couldn't remove the fried egg so I ended up using the entire bath bomb in one sitting. At £6.95 a pop this didn't exactly work out to being good value for money but if you do succeed in the breaking and getting three pieces which you can use on separate occasions then it's definitely good value. I''m not sure if I just had a duff one or my technique wasn't too good? Let me know what you think!  

Anyway, egg cracking aside, this is a beautiful bath bomb! It smells really fresh and like zesty citrus scents which I really love. It also makes your bath blue which I always find to be the most inviting bath colour. It's a really fun bath bomb and one I am sure you would love but I also think it would be an extra special treat for children too. 

I'm really happy that I successfully managed to break this egg into 3 pieces as it made it all the more fun and better value for money. I thought that the little cute chick inside the egg was a really nice touch and again another product that both children and adults would love. It also made my bath the nicest translucent pink colour without being too over the top. It initially smelt quite similar to the Fluffy Egg bath bomb but as it fizzed away I realised it wasn't as sweet as that and instead it's quite citrusy making it fresh and uplifting like Humpty Dumpty.

I think I would favour this bath bomb over Fluffy Egg as the scent is much more to my liking. It was a really lovely and relaxing experience soaking in this bath and it left me feeling all soft afterwards. I also knew my cat Naboo would make an appearance in my YouTube videos at some point! I hope you enjoyed meeting her.    

I had some initial reservations about Golden Egg as from experience I have learnt to avoid the glittery Lush products. That makes me sound like a real kill joy but, as pretty as they are, I really can't deal with glitter all over my bathroom and everything I own! Slightly different to the other products in this review, Golden Egg is in fact a bath bomb melt. The cocoa butter within this melt means that its super moisturising and perfect to bathe yourself in if you suffer from dry skin. As you can see from the video, Golden Egg is a real slow fizzer so I would definitely recommend cutting it in half so that it doesn't take as long to melt away and you get to enjoy it again another time.

To my surprise this bath melt wasn't as glittery as I initially thought and even though the water was lovely and sparkly it thankfully hasn't left my whole bathroom or me covered in glitter. The glitter was also really easy to rinse away afterwards. Golden Egg definitely made my skin feel noticeably soft and smooth and I could really feel the effects of the cocoa butter. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this in-depth Lush review and watching my first YouTube moments. If you have any advice or tips for a beginner like me then please do comment below. Hopefully in time my videoing skills will improve and maybe at some point i'll be brave enough to be in front of the camera! Watch this space. And if you liked these ones don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

What's on your Easter Lush wish list?

Any products you fancy trying now?  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all of the above so don't 
forget to comment below or send me a tweet

Have a great Easter! 


  1. Well done you. I've recorded vlogs but have never had the bottle to publish them. I really ought to do it but just can't pluck up the courage haha.
    I do love a Lush bath but agree the £6.95 ones are a bit steep. Not so bad if you can use them more than once but I'm a nightmare and always chuck it all in x x

  2. Really feeling like splashing out on some Lush stuff now! :D Thanks for the recommendations!

    Charlotte x

  3. I love how you have recorded the vlogs too, very handy for those who don't know what they do! The Easter collection is always my favourite, try and pick up the Ultraviolet bubble bar too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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