Tuesday 16 February 2016

B. Refreshed Essence Lotion

My relationship with B. cosmetics has been a bit up and down since going completely cruelty free. I've tried some of their make up items in the past which I haven't completely got on well with, but then i've found their skin care range to be quite good. I definitely wouldn't say that they are my current 'go to' brand for everything but if you were to take a look in my dressing table you would certainly find a few of their products. 
I'm also a big fan of Superdrug due to their commitment to not testing on animals and their very clear labelling of vegan friendly products. If you didn't already know, the vast majority of Superdrug's own brand cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan so it's by far my favourite place to stock up on toiletries such as deodorant, toothpaste, hairspray etc. It's also really convenient as it's a shop that's found in most high streets and their online service is always very good. 

Anyway, getting back to B. .... I was recently sent a bottle of their new B. Refreshed Essence Lotion which is part of their solutions and cleansing range. As of yet I haven't tried any cleansing products from the B. range so I was looking forward to trying out this lotion.        

The B. Refreshed Essence Lotion is designed to be used after cleansing in the morning/evening and prior to applying any moisturiser to your skin. The lotion, which is of an almost watery like consistency, contains the ingredients allantoin and naturally derived algae extract which both help to soothe, soften and protect the skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid which sounds a bit scary but it actually moisturises deep down into the skin and also has hydrating benefits.  

My skin care routine has always been pretty simple and straight forward. I've never religiously used any products other than cleansers and moisturisers so I initially wasn't sure how this product was going to fit in with my usual routine. In actual fact it was a pretty easy process and by leaving this bottle on the sink next to my cleanser i've quickly adopted the habit of applying a few drops to my hands and patting over my face after cleansing. It's pretty amazing how quickly a product you would have never considered using before can so soon become part of your every day routine. 

I've been using this lotion for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that one of my favourite things about it is it's amazingly refreshing smell. I actually look forward to using it just for a burst of that fragrance! 

I had some initial reservations about whether or not this lotion would make any noticeable difference to my skin so I was pretty surprised when I could instantly feel its soothing properties working away after I first applied it. It's also really nice to use just after you get out of a hot shower as it's just so lovely and cooling. I had wondered if it would leave my face or hands feeling sticky after use but thankfully it magically dissappears with no trace other than soft smooth skin which also happens to smell rather nice.     

I have liked this lotion much more than I thought I would so I think i'm now going to try other products from the B. cleansing range, especially as they are currently half price on Superdrug's website and have excellent user reviews. And of course I will be sure to share my findings with you all soon! 

Have you tried any products from the B. cleansing range yet?   
* This was product was sent to me free of charge. All views expressed within the review are completely my own.


  1. I already use the B. Micellar Water and their Glycolic Cleansing Peel and I LOVE both of them so I'm very tempted to try this, it sounds right up my alley!

  2. I know what you mean about an up and down relationship. I'm not sure on this brand, I feel like I need to try out more of their things!



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