Wednesday 10 February 2016

12 Ideas For Valentines Day

An argument I always hear against Valentines Day is that it's just a commercialised money-making scheme designed to get us to spend our money on material things or dining out. And whilst I kind of agree with this in principle I am also one of the suckers who falls for it!

I often hear people protesting against the idea of a dedicated day of the year to show someone you love them, when in fact this should just be part and parcel of any relationship and an occasion which can be celebrated at any time. Again, I do agree with this but I also quite like the idea of an excuse to maybe be a little bit more romantic than usual or do something special just the two of you.

Now don't get me wrong, my husband & I never go 'all out' on Valentines Day and I think the only time we really pushed the boat out was when we first got together and I was surprised with rose petals, a cooked breakfast in bed and a theatre trip. I was more than impressed and no doubt I would have admittedly been a bit upset if he hadn't marked the occasion in any way.

We've been together 7 years now, married for nearly 3 of them, so Valentines Day has become more of a low key affair but it's always a day on which we like to show each other how much we care for one another. And why not? It doesn't have to mean spending hundreds of pounds or planning anything elaborate. In fact some of my favourite Valentines Day's have been spent ordering a take away and a movie, or enjoying something simple but special like breakfast in bed.

When you've been together quite a while I genuinely think it's nice to make the most of things. Maybe life isn't always the huge romantic fairytale you'd hoped it would be but that's really because that thing called 'life' so often gets in the way.

When I was single and looking for love I would usually still make the most of Valentines Day by telling other people around me how much I love them. I would always send a card to my Mum and my best friend, and sometimes even the pets! Valentines Day is ultimately about LOVE so it's a great opportunity to spread some of the good stuff around.

I love how Galentines Day is now becoming more recognised in the UK. If you didn't already know Galentines Day is an American tradition usually celebrated on the 13th of February and, as it's name would suggest, is a day to celebrate your all important gal pals. I just so happened to go to my first ever Galentines get together last Saturday where we made waffles and friendship bracelets. It was so much fun!

Planning and organising special occasions is my thing so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ideas for enjoying this Valentines Day. These ideas are suitable for all different relationship statuses and budgets so I hope they encourage you to feel the love this Sunday!

Create the person you love some vouchers whereby they can claim some special treats from you. It could be a voucher for a back massage, having their bath run, cooking dinner, a date night - the choices are endless! Sometimes it's hard to find the time to be romantic and I love the idea of these vouchers because they ensure some little treats to enjoy throughout the year.

Treat your loved one to a homemade meal. Maybe breakfast in bed, a picnic at a pretty location or a romantic meal for two at home? Whatever you decide, find your own way to make it special - rose petals, candles, heart shaped food, confetti - you decide!

Order a take away, light some candles and enjoy your dinner away from any other distractions. Maybe change the scene and sit on cushions around your coffee table! Ensure all technology is turned off and you give each other some undivided attention. Be in the moment!

It's easy, and been done countless times before, but a good old date night at the cinema is always a winner especially whilst there are some fantastic films out at the moment like Revenant and The Big Short. If you're looking for a different cinematic experience take a look at the Electric Cinema and the IMAX.   

Make a photo book of your favourite memories together. A great app which I love to use for all my photo printing needs is LALALAB. It makes it so easy to print photos from my phone and you can get them printed in polaroid style which makes them perfect for decorating your home or making a scrap book with. 

Surprise your loved one by booking up something which they've wanted to do for a long time but haven't got around to doing - maybe a new restaurant? a trip to the theatre or to see a band? a spa day?

Bake someone you love a special love themed treat like a cake or cupcakes. After all they do say that the way to someones heart is through food!

No plans this weekend? Surprise your love with a last minute night away. Pick a destination not too far away, find out what deals there are to be had (a personal favourite of mine is Booking.Com) and pack a bag! My husband & I love nothing more than visiting somewhere new, even if it's just for one night and we order in some room service. It's amazing what getting out of your usual space and routine can do for you!

Make a little list of everyone who you love and couldn't imagine life without and send them love letters or handmade cards. Everyone loves to receive some surprise happy mail and to know that they are cared about. I especially love to send cards to people who really may not be expecting to receive anything on Valentines Day!

Buy some flowers. Whether they be for your partner or for yourself, flowers definitely bring a sparkle of love and romance to any home.

Take the next step together. Maybe you've been talking about moving in together, getting engaged or adopting a rescue pet? Whatever it is you've been thinking about, Valentines Day is the perfect day to make things official.

Feline lonely? Head over to Battersea Dogs & Cats home where they will be hosting a special Valentines Day event where you can meet your purrrrfect match! What could be better than sipping some bubbly and meeting your potential new fur baby!?

This Valentines Day we have jointly decided to go to Camden for the day and visit the new Mildred's restaurant for a slap up vegan lunch. I'm hoping we'll take a nice stroll along the canal and maybe stop for cocktails too. I can't wait!

How do you feel about Valentines Day?
What plans will you be making this year to mark the occasion?

Whatever your outlook I hope you have a good one and feel loved by someone around you!  

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