Thursday 22 October 2015

The Vegan Kind #TVK24

After my disappointment with last months Vegan Kind #TVK23 box I was really hopeful for a better experience this month and I am pleased to report that #TVK24 has been ticking all the right boxes for me! As soon as I opened my box I was excited to try all of the products which just so happened to all be new to me. I was also really happy to see some chocolatey treats this month!  

Included in this months box:

On first inspection I wasn't really sure if these were going to be any good as aside from being Vegan friendly they are also gluten, wheat and hydrogenated fats free too. My experiences with completely free from chocolatey treats in the past hasn't been a great one so my expectations weren't very high with this product but on tasting they were actually quite nice. They were chocolatey, chewy, crispy and just the right size to enjoy as a little afternoon pick me up! 

These savoury snacks were my favourite item in this months box and definitely a product I would buy again. They're a really light and healthier alternative to regular crisps and a major plus point for me was that they really reminded me of 'Chipsticks' which I haven't had for years! It's also good to know that these sticks are baked and not friend and are packed with pea protein and fibre. 

I tried Fitbites for the first time about a year ago and I must have picked the wrong flavour because back then I really wasn't keen on them. Thankfully the pineapple and coconut combo flavouring in these balls works really well and they were much more enjoyable to nibble on! I love that they contain so many important vitamins and minerals whilst also being high in antioxidants. You really do feel as though you are eating some pure goodness with these bite sized snacks.  

This is a brand that I have never come across before and one thing I love about these subscription boxes is being introduced to new Vegan friendly products. The ORGANii range is purely natural and organic so they are kind to both your skin and the environment which always gets a thumbs up from me! I have really enjoyed using this shower gel over the past week and, although I wouldn't normally select anything strawberry flavoured, i've really liked the fresh and fruity fragrance.  

I am always on the lookout for new Vegan chocolate as so far on my journey into Veganism there have only been a couple of brands that I really truly like. Therefore I am always keen to try new Vegan chocolate and I was super happy to see this new brand included in this months box. This cashew, coconut and vanilla milk chocolate bar was so incredibly creamy on tasting it was almost hard to believe that it is dairy free. It was also pretty moreish which makes a nice change for Vegan chocolate!   

Also included in this months box was a lemon & thyme baba ghanoush recipe by The Whole Ingredient. I've completely slacked off with cooking and trying new recipes lately so I really need to go through my Vegan Kind folder and start trying out some of the amazing looks foods which are featured every month. 

Thanks to the TVK team for a great box this month and i'm already getting excited for #TVK25! 

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  1. I love the Organii range, the shower gels in particular are lovely! It's a shame you haven't had a good experience with Lazy Day foods, the rocky road bites are delicious but those Millionaire Crispie Squares sound just as nice too! :) xx

    The July Journal


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