Monday 19 October 2015

ELF Favourites

I'm sure many of you like me were over the moon to see the return of the fabulous make up brand e.l.f to the UK recently. I've said it before but i'll say it again - e.l.f are by far my most favourite Vegan and cruelty free cosmetics brand! I was absolutely gutted when they closed their UK site and all Summer I was awaiting news of their return. I was fortunate enough to be in Miami in May so I made sure I stocked up on everything I needed then but it soon started to run out after a few months which left me feeling worried about where to turn next. 

Having been a MAC customer for a number of years prior to leading a cruelty free lifestyle, I have in the past found it increasingly more challenging to find a make up that I really LOVE. I have tried a number of different high street brands which haven't always lived up to expectations. But I have to say that e.l.f were the first brand that I tried which I felt were as good a match in quality as MAC.

So as soon as their new UK website re-opened I was ready and waiting to snap myself up a little haul of my favourite e.l.f items. And here they are!

I absolutely love this bronzer! I don't know about you but I get really fed up of bronzers always having a glittery effect to them as they can be way over the top and this Summer I struggled to find one that wasn't like this. I'm so happy to have my hands on this bronzer again because it's just perfect. It really does give your face just that extra bit of colour and glow that you need and at only £4.50 it's a total bargain. 

This foundation for me is now pretty much irreplaceable and I would feel lost without it. It's by far the best foundation I have tried since using MAC, and I have tried quite a few! It gives me a really lovely flawless coverage whilst making my face look brighter. I love that it's so light to wear and it randomly also happens to smell amazing too! It also happens to cost a fraction of what my previous MAC foundation cost at only £7.50 which makes me love it even more.   

This face powder is now another item I just can't do without and it works really well over the flawless finish foundation. It's silky smooth texture really helps to perfect my overall coverage. My only gripe with this product is that I seem to get through it quite quickly so i'd maybe like to see a bigger version of it available. But again at only £4.50 I really feel like there's no room for complaints. 

This lip gloss is super glossy but also quite subtle and smooth. It also manages to stay put for quite a while which is great as some other glosses can seem to wear off pretty quickly. I also really like that it's in an easy pen style container with a twist mechanism which means you're never left with a half empty lipgloss where you can't bend the applicator to reach the rest! And best of all - it's only £2! 

I really love this lipstick which I have to say is more gloss like opposed to an actual lipstick, but it's not as glossy as the above hyper shine gloss. It's just full of moisture which means it's super soft on your lips and easy to apply. The nude pink is my favourite colour from the selection as I definitely prefer to wear nudes on my lips opposed to any bold colours. Again at only £2 these lipsticks are a total bargain and when it comes to ordering in I normally add about 4 to my basket so I never run out.

In complete honesty there hasn't been an e.l.f product yet that i've been disappointed with and that's quite something! Other favourite items of mine include their All Over Colour Stick which I use as a blusher and their Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.

I'm so happy to have found such a quality brand which doesn't cause any harm to animals. If you haven't tried e.l.f yet it's time to get shopping!  


  1. ELF has been my very favorite makeup brand for awhile now, because 1) they are vegan and cruelty-free, 2) their prices are super-afforable, and 3) they have a great product. I'm lucky to live in the US where I have full access to ELF, but my heart sank for my UK friends when ELF stopped selling there, even just for awhile.

    If you ever want to do a makeup swap, let me know! I'm a fellow vegan beauty aficionado who's been trying to get my blog up and running for what seems like forever now.

  2. I just loaded my digital basket full of elf stuff - can't wait as I have never tried it before but heard so many good things. Did not really dare to buy foundation online - but maybe I ll give it a go next time :)


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