Monday 5 October 2015

Lucky Dip Club ~ Slumber Party

September's Lucky Dip Club 'Slumber Party' theme has had me feeling all nostalgic about the 90's and when I was growing up - a good twenty odd years ago! Back then nothing quite compared to the excitement of having my friends over to stay or visiting their house for a sleep over. It has in fact had me questioning why when you reach your thirties slumber parties seem such a thing of the past. This, along with watching 'This Is England 90' lately, has me really reminiscing about what a great era the 90's were for me - becoming a teenager, discovering boy bands and living each day for pure fun! (Ahhhh remember those days where you didn't have a worry in the world apart from what time your dinner would be served up for you!?)

Lucky Dip Club's motto this month is to 'Stay Weird' and I was definitely a complete weirdo growing up in the 90's. I think I went through every phase from tom boy, teeny bopper, indie kid and then of course goth. We all went there right!? I'm going to sound really old now but I think it's fair to say that I didn't look a fraction as glamorous as some teens do today. But looking back I am also actually really relieved that there didn't seem to be a pressure in those days to look like a celebrity. There was also no fear of having your photo taken and pasted all over social media. Hallelujah for growing up in the decade before technology took over the world! 

I am however a little bit sad to have lost some of that fearless teenage weirdness so I am happy that LDC has reminded us all to embrace the quirkier side of life again. I guess being a Vegan with four pets for children is in some people's mind a bit weird so maybe I don't have to try too hard....

This month's Lucky Dip Club box contents included:

A personalised brass heart necklace by Lucky Kemp Jewellery
Slumber party nail decals by Sara M Lyons
A unicorn piñata brooch
A pizza party charm
A lucky charms snack lovers kit bag
And of course the monthly zine (which I LOVE)

Everything in this months box is just so pretty and I really love all of the colours. This is happy mail at its finest! My favourite item from this box has to be the super cute Lucky Charms bag which I shall definitely be putting to good use on my overnight stays away. I'm also looking forward to trying out nail decals for the first time (so i'd better stop biting my nails in preparation for a DIY manicure!). And how can you not just love that unicorn brooch? 

There's a real sense of being a part of a unique community with LDC which I love as we're all likeminded people with a passion for colourful living! 

After my box has arrived one of the first things that I love to do is search #LuckyDipClub on Instagram and have a nose at how everyone's enjoying their boxes. I also love to get to know some of the other subscribers and most recently I even went as far as gaining a new pen pal purely from chatting to another lovely subscriber online who I just happened to have so much in common with. So YAY for new friends!

My second favourite thing to do is to put my feet up with a nice cuppa and have a little read of the monthly zine. I once tweeted LDC to tell them just how underrated I felt the zine was and how it really is a highlight of every box for me. Part of me was worried that it may one day dissappear as it is a part of the box that doesn't really get talked about as much as everything else. But despite that it really is a great little read and something I look forward to. Judging by the response I received back this is something that will hopefully be expanding in the future which was like music to my ears!   

This month I was also REALLY excited to hear about the upcoming subscribers event that will be taking place in November. As soon as I saw Lucky Dip's creator Leona's post about this it was firmly penned into my diary as an unmissable event so I can't wait to join in all the fun and hopefully meet more of you then!

If you're not already a part of the amazing Lucky Dip Club then seriously what are you doing with your life!? As much as i'd love to keep it a secret, word is getting out so be sure to set your alarms and grab yourself a box on the first of every month at 7am.


  1. I love seeing the contents of this box! Everything always looks so cute and colourful and the themes are so fun :) Had no idea they had a zine in there too which is really cool!

  2. Oh my goodness! This slumber party looks way too amazing. I am in love with all these ideas. Thanks a ton for this great share. Anyway, I am going to host a royal wedding reception party at some popular New York venues. You know I am very excited for this party as I have never been to royal wedding event ever in my life!


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