Tuesday 21 July 2015

My Top Stationery Picks

Over the past couple of months I have picked up some really cute stationery and I decided I would put a blog post together to show some of it off! I used to absolutely obsess over stationery when I was a child and I really do feel like I am rediscovering my passion for it again now. I'm not sure if you can relate to this but for me there's something just so appealing about a fresh note pad or diary!

I am kicking off this post with my latest Shop Bando 'I Am Very Busy' 2016 agenda which I am so excited I can start using from next week. I feel as though I ordered this months ago and it's just been sat on my desk staring at me waiting for the day when I can fully start putting it to some good use. I've noticed over the past few weeks this diary becoming more and more popular with other bloggers and I think that is just a testament to just how pretty and appealing it is! 

Along with the diary I also purchased the accompanying Bando sticker book because you can never have too many stickers! I also viewed so many cute instagram snaps of these stickers that I just felt like life wouldn't be complete without them......

The diary itself is perfect and just what I have been looking for. Ever since Apple changed their iCal on the iPhone about 2 years ago I have never liked the new format and have found it difficult to see my week planned out which worries me that I am going to miss something. So after years of purely relying on my iPhone calendar it was time to go back to a paper diary which excited me because, as handy as it is having all your important diary dates on your phone, I absolutely love a proper diary that you can write stuff in!

This diary is really functional and I love the layout. It has a monthly planner at the beginning of each month, a spacious week to view format and additional notes sections. There's definitely no chance of me missing anything now.....

As well as being practical it is probably the most girliest, fun and colourful diary I have ever owned! I love that each month starts with a motivational and thought provoking design. There are also some really imaginative weekly activities for you to take part in if you fancy like 'hit the beach' or 'send your bestie a card in the mail'. Although I think my favourite has to be 'eat your body weight in candy'! 

So aside from these two great purchases (which have to be my favourite of this year!) I have also managed to find some really cute stationery on the high street and on my travels....

A girl can never have too many note pads right!? I am always writing lists so this is how I justify to myself that I need so many note pads. Whether it be to log my food diaries, write down my daily to do lists or leave my husband a note - they all have their uses. This lovely bunch was picked up on my recent holiday to Miami. If you happen to be headed over to the States then I really recommend checking out Target & Papyrus for cute stationery. 

These handy little desk pads were picked up from the Lucky Dip Club shop. I absolutely love LDC for quirky one off and one of a kind pieces of stationery!

Last week I was in Sainsburys and happened to stumble across their stationery section which I have never really paid too much attention to before but this time I did because they actually had some really nice bits at very reasonable prices. Including this pretty weekly planner! I love the size of this desk pad and I knew straight away that it would be perfect for logging my food diary every day. A great find! 

As soon as I saw this unicorn sticky notes pack from Paperchase I knew it had to be mine! Seriously how pretty is this!? I also love that you get different sized sticky notes and even a lined note pad one which i've found really useful for sticking my shopping lists to my kitchen notice board with. I think Paperchase have been really upping their game lately with the quirkiness of their stationery which is fab to see. 

And last but not least I picked up these adorable stickers in Accessorize recently. I would have never really thought to look in Accessorize for any kind of stationery but they actually have a pretty decent selection recently so it's well worth a visit. Those flamingos! 

I hope all you fellow stationery addicts have enjoyed todays post :-) I think I am banning myself from buying anymore for a little while. And to everyone in possession of a Bando diary - Happy Diarising from Monday 27th July ladies! 


  1. The amount of times I have eyed up this diary is unreal! I just can't justify the $20 postage for it though but it looks amazing and so cute! :) xx


  2. I know Yasmina, I had my eye on it for ages! I think I read somewhere that Shop Bando have a section in Selfridges London so may be worth checking out if you're ever in town as will save you the postage xx


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