Wednesday 15 July 2015

Eden Perfumes

I recently became aware of Eden Perfumes after having seeing so many tweets and Instagram snaps of them from the Bournemouth Vegan Fair and to my absolute delight they were also at the Just V Show a couple of weeks ago. Offering up Vegan and cruelty free perfume, they were on the top of my list of stalls to visit!

Prior to hearing about Eden Perfumes I haven't been aware of any other company offering Vegan and CF perfume, other than Pacifica which i've never tried before. 

I think what initially appealed to me so much about Eden is that they offer like to like matches to the bigger designer brands so I instantly became interested in finding an equivalent to some of my old favourites like Armani and Stella McCartney. It's so easy on their website too, you simply type in the brand name of a perfume you like and up appears all their matches to pick from!

It was great to meet the lovely Vegan Brighton based family behind Eden Perfumes at the Just V Show and I got to spend a little time chatting to them and testing out some of the fragrances. I ended up trying about 3 or 4 different perfumes - all of which I loved! It was a difficult choice for me in the end and I was having trouble choosing between them all but I ultimately went with one of their bestsellers No. 62 which has similar notes to Armani Si. 

I was lucky enough to get my bottle for £12 at the Just V Show which was a total bargain! On the website the perfumes are still only £15 which I think is an amazing price for a 30ml bottle. And most importantly for me these fragrances aren't tested on animals and nor do they contain any animal derived ingredients. They are a completely Vegan and cruelty free brand offering up some amazing guilt free scents at a decent price! Whats not to love!? 

I have already received lots of compliments when I have been wearing the perfume and to me that's always a good sign that it's a decent fragrance! 

Sarah x



  1. Thank you for the link to this post lovely, as soon as I saw the first photo I remember reading it the day you posted it ☺ I'm loving them too, I think I'll be getting a few more as they're so good.

    The Vegan Taff | cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle

  2. They're great aren't they Kelly! I just love everything about them. Hoping to visit their shop when i'm in Brighton in August so definitely want to pick up another one at least :-) xx


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