Thursday 28 February 2019

Furbo Dog Camera Review | AD

As many of you will already know, my life is pretty much dominated by our three adorable dogs. They are the centre of our world and we treat them like they're our children! When Furbo reached out to me to see if I would like to try out one of their innovative dog cameras I was immediately interested to learn more. We'd been thinking about getting a dog camera for quite a while so the timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

One of the first things we decided to do when we started working from home five years ago was to get a dog. It was something I had always wanted in life but the constraints of working long hours in an office job meant that it just wasn't a feasible option for us. Working from home gave us the freedom that we needed to be able to have dogs and being at home a lot during the day means that they are rarely left alone.

Our dogs have always been used to having us close by but of course there are certain times and situations where we will need to leave them by themselves for a few hours. This has always come with an enormous amount of guilt for me and it's something I have struggled with being a dog Mum to three. If I am out and about and they are at home alone I feel like they are constantly on my mind and I'm always really keen to get back to them as soon as I can. 

Since we have been trying out the Furbo dog camera it has given me such peace of mind that I can check in on the dogs whenever I like. Nine times out of ten when I do check in on them they are asleep and probably couldn't care a less where I am! But even so, to have the ability to just go onto an app on my phone and see they're ok has felt like a little life changer.

When the gifted Furbo camera arrived my first impressions were really good. I was so impressed by its contemporary design and sleek finish! I often find with gadgets like this that they serve a great purpose but can look ugly in our home but the Furbo really fits in with our minimal style. Quite a lot of our furniture is a mix of white and wood too so the camera has fit in with our other homeware perfectly.

I'm someone who really enjoys using new technology and gadgets as long as they are easy to use. When it came to unboxing and setting up the Furbo it honestly didn't take more than five minutes and it was so straightforward. You simply plug it in, download the free app and connect it to your wifi. The app is also really user friendly and everything is pretty self explanatory which I really like.

Now onto the nitty gritty!  

First and foremost I've been so impressed by the quality of the Furbo camera. We have experimented with different little surveillance cameras at home before but this one definitely has the clearest picture quality we have come across. The Furbo camera is 1080p HD and has a 160 degree wide angle lens which gives us a superb view of the whole room. It also has 4 x zoom and an automatic night vision mode. I really like that you can take photos and video footage which you can save to the camera roll on your phone too. This camera has quite a few different features to it and it's so much more than just a camera, but I think for me the most important aspect of the Furbo was always going to be the camera quality.

Another aspect of the Furbo is that it has both a built in speaker and high quality microphone meaning that I can hear what the dogs are up to and they can hear me if I ever want to communicate with them. The Furbo app will also send me 'bark alerts' if it picks up on any noisy commotion! I think my dogs are personally better off if I don't really disturb them but when there's been excessive barking I have on occasion told them to 'Ssshhhh' over the microphone and it did do the trick.

I think the most novel and impressive aspect of the Furbo dog camera is that it also has a built in treat dispenser and this was probably the part I was most looking forward to testing out on my dogs! The treat dispenser can hold up to 100 small treats and you can even record your own voice treat call which it plays when a treat is dispensed.  I really wasn't sure how my dogs would take to this, or if they would be freaked out by hearing my voice but not being able to see me. I was pretty surprised when the first time we tried it two of my dogs just took to it immediately and went over to eat the treats! One of my dogs is much more nervous and didn't really like it initially but as he has got more used to the sounds he does seem more interested.

I've found the Furbo has fit into our lifestyle really well and it's actually provided me with something I didn't know I needed so much - peace of mind. I genuinely feel like we would really miss it now if we didn't have it. My dog Mum guilt has decreased significantly and that in itself is quite a relief!

Furbo have kindly offered my readers £20.00 off their camera, simply follow this affiliate link to order yours and your discount will be applied at checkout!  

If you'd like to hear more about the Furbo and our life with three dogs then be sure to check out the YouTube video I made too! 

* This post is sponsored by Furbo. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and my own.   



  1. What a great giveaway, I have 3 Poms and 2 cats, I would love to know what they got up to when I'm not there lol

  2. I am such a huge worrier about my four whippets even when i am in the house with them!
    Being away from them is something i struggle with a lot and i have had to build up the time away and confidence to leave them so gradually.
    I think this amazing gadget could help!
    Thanks for your honest review and info x

  3. This would be SO cute to see what my lil munchkin gets up to when I’m at work !! Plus I can also keep an eye on the cats and see what one of the two keeps bringing me in frogs ��

  4. This sounds SO perfect! I love the sleek design of it as well.
    This would be perfect for my two horrors... As long as I put it somewhere out of reach ��

    Tasmin |

  5. Omg this would be urrrrmazing to keep an eye on the cheeky munchkin . I've got over 100 house plants...she's so sneaky when I'm not watching hahaha! Maybe some you've bee framed moments coming up haha.

  6. I would love to be able to keep an eye on my 4 young dogs if I ever need to pop out to run any errands �� it would definitely put my mind at ease!

  7. I'd love to win so I can see what my 2 Labradors do when I'm out of the house.
    I hate leaving them to go to work but unfortunately their kibble won't
    buy itself :(

  8. Oh I'd love to win a Furbo dog camera! These sound great, and it'd be amazing to be able to check in on Milo whilst I'm out with my new client xx


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