Wednesday 17 October 2018

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel - My Diary | Beauty

Back in early September I was invited along to the Dermalogica flagship store in Chelsea for the launch of their new rapid reveal peel product which is a professional grade at home peel, clinically proven to enhance radiance and visibly reduce fine lines. As I'm now in my mid thirties these are things I find myself worrying about more and more. There's no denying that my skin doesn't look as youthful and fresh as it did ten years ago and I'd really like to be proactive in taking care of my skin and doing what I can now to prevent signs of ageing.

As a side note, it feels so good to be working with Dermalogica now as one of their 'skinfluencers' as I have been a long time fan and customer of theirs. Back in 2013, and prior to getting married, I was having a few issues with my skin and I decided to visit the Dermalogica stand at Westfield Stratford for a free face mapping skin analysis. This was seriously the best thing I ever did because they really helped me to get back blemish free and radiant skin in time for my wedding. I remember feeling so grateful for how well their products helped me and knew I would be a customer of theirs for life. Their products were much more expensive than any I had ever used before but once I experienced how well they worked for me I felt that the price tag definitely reflected the quality. And it was this which actually took me back to their products earlier this year as I was again experiencing some problematic skin issues which I talked about in this video

So jumping back to the here and now, I have been using their rapid reveal peel product for the last five weeks on a once a week basis and because I have never had or used a peel before I wanted to keep a diary of my findings and the results to be able to look back on and share with all of you. 

Week One

This week I attended the Dermalogica rapid reveal peel event and experienced the peel for the first time ever in store. First off let me say that it sounds a lot scarier than it actually is! When the peel was put on my skin for the first time all I could feel was a little slight tingling and some warmth before it was washed off.

Following this event I was gifted a full set of product which meant I could continue to use it at home over the next couple of months in order to experience the full benefits of it. To get the process going you are advised to start off by using the peel three days in a row to kick start things and then follow this up with once a week use.

The results after the first week were impressive! My skin definitely felt noticeably more brighter and less dull. I also found that the peel had dried up some of the areas of my skin which were becoming problematic for me. To touch my skin also felt noticeably smoother. I actually found myself looking forward to using the product as I enjoyed the sensation and after feel so much! 

Week Two

I found myself really looking forward to using the peel this week and I can already tell it's going to become addictive, especially when my skin is feeling and looking so good. This week I've really noticed in photos how much brighter my skin is looking and even received some comments on this which was so great to hear!

Week Three

I couldn't help but notice how different my skin looks in the mirror this week. It actually took me by surprise! It seems clearer as well and smoother and some of the marks and minor scarring from previous spots and picking seem considerably less noticeable. I really wasn't expecting to see any major differences so early on. I also love the little zip up bag that the peels come in as it has a handy little suction cup which means you can stick it to your mirror. This has acted as a really good reminder for me and kept me in the routine of using the peel.

Week Four

I'm still really enjoying and looking forward to using the product. It definitely has found a solid new place in my skincare routine and I honestly think I would really miss using it now if I didn't have it. I've got into the routine of using the peel on a Sunday evening and it's the perfect end to my weekend and always leaves me feeling fresh and bright for a new week.

Week Five

Again I'm noticing in photos how much brighter my skin is looking and it's really pleasing to see the results of the peel actually working for me. I'm also using other Dermalogica products alongside the peel and these are products which have been in my routine for quite a while now. To cleanse I use the special cleansing gel which works marvellously well, especially at removing stubborn makeup. As my morning moisturiser I use the dynamic skin recovery which is so soft and creamy and includes spf50. And in the evening I like to use the overnight repair serum which works wonders for me and smells so good! I've found that these products also help to re-hydrate my skin after using the peel and they have complimented each other quite well.     


I've really enjoyed putting this product to the test and I've been so impressed with the results. I really wasn't expecting to see any noticeable differences but I definitely can and my skin just feels so much healthier than it did before. I think before starting this little experiment I was suffering with dull looking skin, particularly after lots of sun exposure over the Summer months, and the rapid reveal peel has really bought me back to life again! 

I'm also really impressed by how a little of this product goes such a long way. In a pack you receive ten tubes and I've only needed to use half a tube each time I use it which was more than enough for a decent coverage of my face and neck. This means that after your initial three day in a row use you should have enough left for weekly peels for seventeen weeks! The rapid reveal peel pack is £79.00 which works out to £3.95 per peel which I think is some impressive value for money. I know if I was to go for professional facial peel or facial I'd be expecting to pay a lot more for just a one off treatment.

I think it was when I took this selfie that I truly realised how much brighter and smoother my skin was looking. I've always felt that my forehead lines really stand out, especially in photos, yet here they're not even noticeable. I felt like I was really glowing here!...

I'll definitely be recommending the rapid reveal peel to anyone who feels that their skin is dull and could benefit from some brightening up. Also if you find yourself noticing and worrying about any fine lines or unevenness to your skin then this could be the perfect product for you! 

Have you ever experienced a facial skin peel before? 
Would you be tempted to give this one a go? 
I'd love to hear! 

Dermalogica are a cruelty free brand and the majority of their products are vegan friendly, just be sure to check in the product descriptions for their vegan stamp of approval before purchasing. 

* The products featured within this post were gifted to me by Dermalogica. 
All views and opinions expressed within this post are completely my own. 


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