Tuesday 25 September 2018

What I Eat On A Normal Day | Vegan

Welcome to my no thrills presentation of what I usually eat on a normal kind of day! I'll pre warn you - it's not hugely exciting or groundbreaking, but it is just a real representation of what every day eating looks like for me as a vegan. The other day I just decided to snap everything I ate in a day and well, here it is! 

Breakfast is usually one of three options for me at the moment - porridge, a slice of toast with either jam or marmite or a frozen berry protein smoothie. To be honest, I don't have smoothies all the time because I know they're now frowned upon as being too big an intake of natural sugars in one hit, but every now and then I do really fancy one and I like how they make me feel. I tend to keep things simple with my smoothie and simply add in some frozen mixed berries, one banana, a little splash of plant milk, a big splash of water and a tablespoon of protein powder. The only vegan protein powder I have come to love is the Pulsin Unflavoured Pea Protein

Lunch is always my favourite meal of the day and when I find I am most hungry. Depending on how I am feeling, and what I have in the fridge, I usually opt for something on toast. Lately, and since the weather has become colder, I like to go for standard baked beans or mushrooms with spinach. During the Summer I was eating a lot more salad so my go to lunch was usually avo on toast with a side salad and maybe some falafel. I'll also usually have a small bag of snacks, Hippeas or Pop Chips being my current favourites. 

My husband is the main cook in our house and he likes to go more out on dinner than lunch which does at times cause some friction because I'm not overly keen on eating a huge meal in the evening. And another thing that sometimes grates on me is that he always wants pasta! Don't get me wrong, I also love pasta but he could eat it every night and not get bored whereas I like more variety. Anyway, domestics aside, one of our favourite week day 'normal' meals is spag-bol and I have to say he does make an excellent one. Our favourite vegan mince is the Ocado version and if you like the look of this dinner then you can find our recipe here! And don't forget that the Tesco basics garlic bread is also accidentally vegan and goes down a storm with pasta. 

I always end a day on a nice cup of tea and now we are in Autumn I know I'm going to be drinking a lot more tea than I have been over the Summer. I'm trying to cut back on sweet treats at the moment but I do find it difficult to not have a biscuit with my tea and my usual favourites are the Lotus Biscoff's which aren't too calorific but definitely hit the spot for me. I'm also a big fan of the entire Livia's Kitchen sweet treats range which always go perfectly with a cuppa. 

So there you have it! That's what a very normal day of eating vegan looks like for me. And I am a creature of habit so no doubt most of you have already seen these kind of meals from me in the past and maybe there's nothing new here for you. But if you're new the vegan way of life and are looking for some inspiration then I hope this has made it slightly less scary for you. 


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  1. That spag-bol looks amazing, I have a pack of Ocado vegan mince in the freezer - might have to try this for dinner tomorrow! Thanks for sharing. xx


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